Online casinos register growth in the interest of the female audience

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Online casinos register growth in the interest of the female audience
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According to the most recent study published by ENV Media, 49% of the players on observed online casino sites are women.

On the other hand, surveys shown in previous years recorded less than 30% female participation in betting platforms, an example of the survey carried out by the Canadian research institute Gambling Research Exchange Ontario (GREO) in 2019.

“The female audience has always been an important priority for us, proof of this is the EsportudoW vertical, a team entirely made up of women totally focused on the coverage of women’s sports. This evolution confirms our position of diversifying our content and attracting new bettors regardless of gender” , says Marcos Araujo, CEO of PlayGreen.

The numbers also point to a dominance of women in other spheres of the internet, such as the area of ​​games.

According to the 2021 Game Brasil Survey, 51.5% of people who play online are part of the female audience.

In addition to the dominance of the genre in eSports, they make up the majority of Internet users in the country, since 90% declare that they access the networks daily, according to the survey presented by Nielsen and Opinion Box.

Marcos Sabiá, CEO of, comments on the relationship of the national people with betting and explains about the advantages of online modalities: “There is a historic and unequivocal demonstration of the passion of Brazilians for sports betting, which has in the virtual environment a very simple access and interaction”.

Ícaro Quinteiro, COO of Onabet, a bookmaker focused on the casino and digital world, explains about the growth of the branch in Brazil and the evolution of female participation on the platforms: “We were very happy to observe the development of sports betting in Brazil“.

“In addition, we see this increase in the number of women in online casinos as something very positive. We work to ensure that the entertainment environment we provide is increasingly broad and receptive to all audiences”, completed Quinteiro.

Preference of women in online casinos

The latest survey shown by KTO also revealed the preferences of women in online casinos.

According to the study, crash games appear in first place, as about 80% of bettors have already ventured into the modality, which is capable of generating 45% of the platform’s revenue.

“Brazil is the man of the hour for the betting market in the world, the numbers of investments that are already taking place and that will still come, the current betting volume and the market’s revenue potential are important indicators”, concludes Fábio Wolff, specialist in sports marketing and managing partner of Wolff Sports.

Roulette tables also arouse the interest of the female public, with a record of just over 27% of use by the gender.

Although newer than the other options, game shows generate significant attraction for women and result in a total of 18.37% of use by female players.

Another data that shows the growth of female participation on platforms is the 31% increase registered in the number of sports bets made by women this year compared to 2022, according to Esportes da Sorte, the only bookmaker to exceed 1 million followers on Instagram and with the highest number of sponsorships among clubs in series A, B and C, with 10 in total.