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Just how did LCD get started and who are the folks who created it all? By all means, the creative staff of Live Casino Direct is about as colorful as you can expect. And over the years has seen its’ fair share of contributing writers, specialists and staff members. Among the original staff as a whole, this is the team that holds everything together, and always is at your service to help improve Live Casino Direct wherever possible.

William Hess: online gaming trend analyst

The online gaming industry is forever changing and looks nothing like it did more than 2 decades ago. In order to suit a growing clientele, there is no substitute for anything less than stunning with today’s tech savvy online players. The goals which William takes-on help others to understand the latest games, the newest technology, and on-going internet trends.

David Millard and Colleen Ramirez: content writers

Without the detailed articles, game reviews, and online gaming news- which makes Live Casino Direct as unique as possible, our writers make up a large part of the content you read here. Both David and Colleen are working hard to bring the best content that is helpful and informative, and often entertaining and funny to read. Even this page is a great example of what we do best since we wrote it!

James Font: general manager

What staff doesn’t need a supporting manager to guide their crew through rough waters. This main task of keeping everything running- is all credit to our general manager, who also wears several hats in his daily duties. James helps keep focus where exact details should stay sharp, and always helps keep everyone in a great mood every day of the week.

Nicole Brandelle: marketing specialist

Those who are curious what a marketing specialist does might get a better idea after reading this. These duties usually include intense market research, gathering promotional materials and online gaming events and expositions, and examining marketing data through social media, and so on. Nicole is a quick learner for everything growing in digital trends, but also gets great advice from William about how the online industry used to be. is online gaming: It is our theme, our livelihood, and it is what we care about. And our online casino gambling guide promises to bring you, the player, everything relevant from what we call the “reel world,” the online gambling milieu.

Our editorial mission is dedicated to presenting stories via our blog that are entertaining, informative and above all original. LCD is not a repository for the same old hastily written press releases, nor is it a collection of gobbledygook prose transparently bogged down with keywords designed to mess with search engines.

LiveCasinoDirect seeks to serve as an independent source for online gamers and no text will be run as part of any sort of advertising agreement. Should our casino gaming portal run information directly from the horse’s mouth, i.e. a software company, casino or the like, this will be made explicit within the text on the website.

On this subject, LiveCasinoDirect is a meritocracy and promises no bias toward any company, casino or individual for reasons other than quality and/or interest. LCD doesn’t like any stakeholder in the online gaming biz more or less than any other; he/she who produces the news and lets us know about has greater odds of coverage in our gambling guide. Our site provides online casino reviews that you will like along with free slots and game demos that you can play from your browser.

We hope you enjoy our online casinos gambling directory as it continues its steadily growth in coming weeks. And as always, LCD always wants to hear from our visitors with any compliments, complaints, suggestions and comments. Heck, we’ll even help you grind axes if we see eye-to-eye.

Thank you and best of luck to everyone.

LiveCasinoDirect editorial team