Gambling Minister Chris Philp revolts against Boris Johnson and resigns

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Gambling Minister Chris Philp revolts against Boris Johnson and resigns

Chris Philp, a Member of Parliament who serves as Gambling Minister, has quit the position. Philp took issue with the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, arguing that he could no longer serve under it. Philp’s resignation comes at a time when the gambling industry in the United Kingdom is in a state of flux due to the expected publication of a White Paper that would overhaul the Gambling Act 2005.

In stepping down, Philp, who was a Johnson loyalist, urged the Prime Minister to step down as well. in their resignations, blasting Johnson for his antics, which include allegations of "inappropriate behavior" against others, including Member of Parliament Chris Pincher.

The current governmental crisis could have repercussions on the White Paper and the publication of the document, which was already denied on several occasions, incurring the wrath of anti-gambling campaigners. Lawmakers were openly called out on their potential ties to the gambling industry in delaying the important document.

Johnson is expected to step down by the end of the day today. In his own resignation, Philp said that the White Paper is already completed and it will overhaul Gambling Act 2005 in a way that will make it more adequate for the challenges that consumers face today. He argued that the White Paper included strong measures to help minimize gambling-related harm and protect vulnerable consumers from gambling addiction.

Philp said that he met personally with the families of people who had a member who died because of gambling. Philp’s role in the White Paper is deemed invaluable as he worked as part of the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, alongside other MPs and officials, including Nadine Dorries, who headed the Department.

While the DCMS faced some criticism over the delay of the White Paper, Philp and other people involved in the overhauled assured that they were treading carefully and doing their best to ensure that consumers are protected.

The impatience over the White Paper is understandable. The White Paper was supposed to surface at some point in the spring, but this timeline has already been pushed back several times. While delays happen, anti-gambling campaigners argue that lives are being lost.

The gambling industry is facing numerous challenges today. From loss limits to suspending gambling sponsorships between sports clubs and firms, to the still-ongoing conflict regarding the winner of the fourth National Lottery tender, there are still a plethora of issues to be resolved.