Gambling industry braces itself for new regulations

Author: Live Casino Direct
Gambling industry braces itself for new regulations

The long-awaited white paper on gambling reform is due for publication later this year. It will set out the intentions for a new Gambling Bill to be presented to parliament in 2022. The regulations to enforce them are expected to include the biggest changes since the 2005 G gambling Act. Chris Philp has replaced John Whittingdale as the new head of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Whittall was seen to favour soft-touch regulation. PhilP campaigned for stricter regulation of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals.

Gambling industry braces itself for new regulations. Deposit limits and affordability checks are seen as useful alternatives to current regulations that put the onus on operators to monitor customer spends. The government has stated that affordability will be part of the new legislation, though at what level is yet to be decided. Under the Act sponsorship of Premier League club football shirts by betting firms would be banned. Reformers will push for bans on pitch-side advertising and a blanket ban on TV advertising.  

New rules will come into place on October 30. They will enforce a minimum time of 2.5 seconds for a single slot spin and ban Autoplay feature that allows players to spin ‘hands free’. The measures precede the new Gambling Act. Next year's Act is expected to introduce a stake limit of £2 for slot games.

Gambling industry is bracing itself for new regulations. Online gambling industry generates close to £5 billion in revenue per year and for the government, over £3 billion. The government will publish a white paper in the coming weeks.