What the Future Holds for Casinos in the Metaverse

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What the Future Holds for Casinos in the Metaverse
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Casinos are stepping up their game in developing a new, more engaging space for gamblers. The next frontier they’re venturing into is the metaverse, a virtual reality space in the Web3 backed by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. It means new avenues will be opened for game development and customer services, revolutionising crypto gambling as you know it.

Much of what you love about online casinos today will seamlessly transition into the metaverse and they will be complemented greatly by exciting advancements. Here is everything you need to know about taking casino gaming to the metaverse:

The metaverse is a cyberspace powered by blockchain technology. People can visit it in the body of a digital avatar and explore it in first-person perspective using Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Everything in this world is non-fungible tokens (NFTs) minted to create the building blocks of intractable objects.

The landscape of the metaverse casino is live and ready to welcome gamblers. They can be found in Decentraland and Sandbox, two cyberspaces on the Ethereum (ETH) network designed to host all kinds of VR projects. People can buy plots of land, establish objects and venues, then share them with everyone on the metaverse.

Casino gaming is constantly evolving throughout the years driven by the need to make its experience more accessible to players of all kinds. It started with games that were exclusive to nobles then they became available in the streets. Casinos were later built overseas to create an entertainment hub for all gamblers alike and then slot machines were introduced to bars.

Online gambling is the most recent venture for casinos where it became available to everyone through the internet. It made games accessible but not the full experience one can find on a gaming floor. That is the role the metaverse can fulfil. Casinos can build their gaming venues on Web3, making it accessible to everyone using VR technology.

As of 2023, there are only a handful of metaverse casinos that are live and ready. Most are slated to launch in 2024 but some provide beta access to customers. Here are some examples of the most notable metaverse casinos right now:

BC.GAME purchased a Sandbox LAND NFT in 2021, marking the start of their metaverse casino project. This venue is still under construction but BC.GAME is working with Web3 tools for its casino site. They have established channels for ERC20 and ERC72 transactions which can help in future transition to the metaverse.

ICE Poker launched in 2021 and their venue can be found in Decentraland. The casino is still under development but users can enter it. Only poker tables are available in the casino right now where you can stake using ETH, Decentraland tokens (MANA), and ICE tokens (ICE).

Chateau Satoshi is also in Decentraland but it is older as it launched in 2019. As of 2023, they are also under construction. They have more games planned in the future but the only ones available at the moment are poker tables from ICE Poker. You can also use ETH, MANA, and ICE to play at Chateau Satoshi.

ICE Poker and Chateau Satoshi ensure that the landscape of the metaverse casino is live and ready while BC.GAME is proof that there are more coming. More investors are expected to join the Ethereum network in 2024. This anticipated influx further bolsters the promising future of the metaverse casino industry, and your immersive experience is on the horizon.