Will Online Gambling Really Land Permanently In The Metaverse?

Author: Live Casino Direct

Ice Poker is the first casino that has opened in the Metaverse. It is hosted by Decentraland and boasts more than 6,000 players a day. Last year the turnover surpassed the record amount of $7 billion in just three days. DecENTRALised Games is self-sufficient because it pays commissions through the Polygon validation system.

Gambling and the metaverse are real and operative. The future of the gambling industry will be high-tech and impressive. Natalia Chiaravalloti, a gambling expert on the editorial staff of Giochidislots.com, predicts that casinos in the Metaverse will dominate the industry in 5 years. GIOchidisots is renting space to offer this service. It aims to intercept a new audience and a target audience for gambling. They are expanding its range of services and gaming experiences.

Online gambling is ready to leverage the fifth dimension of the universe, but it will take time to reach it. International entities involved in the regulation of online gaming emphasize the urgency of defining a digital ecosystem through an integrated approach.

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In our latest ICE preview, David Mann of @Swintt_ elaborates on the need to stay true to the supplier’s unique transportation options, relives a Vinnie Jones inspired showing at the 2022 edition and noted the need to quickly move on to event prep.