The History of the Vegas Residency

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The History of the Vegas Residency
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Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and its famous strip. It also has theme parks and restaurants. Vegas has grown due to its huge concerts by the world's most famous stars.

The economics of the residency in Las Vegas is not profitable for the casinos. However, for artists it can be very lucrative. Celine Dion's residency there earned her $385 million.

Liberace started his first Las Vegas residency in 1944. He was a big draw for the casinos and for his fans. Other casinos offered huge sums of money to bring megastars to advertise their casinos. Nat “King” Cole and Ella Fitzgerald were paid huge amounts for their shows.

The Rat Pack performed at the Sands Casino in 1960. Elvis started a residency at International Hotel in 1969. Live in Vegas is one of the greatest live albums ever. The upcoming schedule for Vegas residencies is filled with classic and modern acts.   The history of Vegas residency is in the book "The History of Las Vegas Residency".