Britney Spears Earned $137 Million From Her Las Vegas Residency

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Britney Spears Earned $137 Million From Her Las Vegas Residency
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From music legends including Elvis, Elton John, and Cher to newer artists like Katy Perry and Adele, the Las Vegas Strip has certainly hosted its fair share of talented artists. But perhaps one of the most memorable is Britney Spears’ Las Vegas residency, Britney: Piece of Me, which ran at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino from 2013 to 2017. 

The Toxic singer has since opened up about the grueling experience of performing nonstop concerts during her four-year stint at Planet Hollywood. However, she did come out of her extremely successful residency with some serious earnings — worth well over $100 million.

Inside Britney Spears’ Las Vegas residency

Britney Spears’ Las Vegas residency was a success from day one. The 90-minute show opened at Planet Hollywood on Dec. 27, 2013, as part of a two-year deal, per ABC News. Initially, Spears signed on to perform 50 shows each in 2014 and 2015, with the potential for more dates if the residency proved to be successful.

The Princess of Pop ended up extending her contract for an additional two years, with her last show being on Dec. 31, 2017. After Britney: Piece of Me, Spears was scheduled to kick off a new residency at the MGM Grand titled Britney: Domination in 2019. But ultimately, she made the decision to , citing her father’s worsening health.

Die-hard Britney fans, A-list celebrities, and thousands of tourists came to see Britney: Piece of Me, generating millions of dollars in revenue. It featured a four-piece band, elaborate sets, and over-the-top costumes typical of the Gimme More singer, making it one of Las Vegas’ most highly produced residencies to date.

But behind the scenes, things weren’t so glamorous. In a now-deleted 2021 Instagram post, Spears explained that she hardly went out over the course of her four-year residency. “I was thinking about when I did shows in Vegas … the four years I was there I went out only two times,” she said in the Instagram post (via Billboard). “Unfortunately I’m not lying.” 

Spears was still under her 13-year conservatorship at the time, meaning she might not have had the freedom to out.

Britney Spears’ net worth and Las Vegas residency earnings

Even though Spears might not have had the opportunity to hit the town between performances, she did come out of her Las Vegas residency with millions in earnings.

According to Billboard, Britney: Piece of Me grossed $137.7 million, making it one of the most financially successful Las Vegas residencies of all time. The concert sold over 900,000 tickets at an average price of $150.

Britney Spears’ net worth is estimated to be around $60 million, and most of the singer’s money is in investments and real estate, per Forbes. This is a relatively low amount compared to many other A-listers. However, Forbes noted Spears pays around 40% of her income in taxes and around 25% to other people, including her managers, agents, and lawyers. Plus, she has child-support payments and legal fees.

How Spears’ earnings compare to other Las Vegas residencies

Britney: Piece of Me continues to be one of Las Vegas’ top-grossing residences today. According to OnTheStrip, Spears out-earned artists such as Lady Gaga, Rod Stewart, and even Cher.

Lady Gaga performed at the Park Theater at Park MGM from 2018 to 2021, with her residency earning $53.9 million. Cher’s self-titled show at Caesars Palace earned $97.4 million. And Rod Stewart’s The Hits residency grossed just over $57 million.

However, Britney: Piece of Me was still beaten out by a few legendary Las Vegas residencies.

Elton John’s The Red Piano show at Caesars Palace topped Spears’ residency, earning $166.4 million from 2011 to 2018. But his and Spears’ concerts don’t hold a flame to Celine Dion’s residenciesCeline and A New Day. They earned $296 million and $385 million, respectively, during their runs at Caesars Palace.