More loadout slots are coming to Destiny 2

More loadout slots are coming to Destiny 2
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While players were excited about the reveal of Prismatic (the new hybrid subclass coming with Destiny 2: The Final Shape), it wasn’t long until the community realized their loadout slots were full. Bungie knows that you’re going to want to save your Prismatic builds and the current 10-build limit wasn’t going to be enough – so the developers are adding more.

In a recent hands-off preview event of The Final Shape, Bungie revealed that there will be more loadout slots available to players in this latest expansion. How many slots there would be and how to obtain them was not revealed, however, Tyson Green noted that they would not be difficult to unlock and that they might be attached to Guardian Ranks. No doubt some players out there are hoping that they will be easier than unlocking the others, which required players to solo a Legend Lost Sector without dying.

The inclusion of more loadout slots is a tremendous bit of good news. These things have been a game-changer for players of all skill levels. They allow players to save entire builds including armor, mods, weapons, abilities and Supers, and even cosmetics on their gear. With a press of a button, an entire build can change mid-combat, pulling items from your vault and equipping them instantly.

To sweeten the deal, Bungie also reminded us that you will be receiving another 100 slots in your vault. However, don’t let yourself off the hook: clean your vault! There will be more weapons coming with The Final Shape, so do you really need that previously sunset gun?

While loadouts have been a massive boon for Destiny 2, there’s still room for improvement. Players have long requested that loadouts remember Artifact setups, which would effectively save players the trouble of going in, unselecting and reselecting perks they want equipped. Additionally, the inclusion of loadouts has exacerbated the “menu game” of Destiny 2, where loadout-swapping to maximize DPS during damage phases has become a must for high-end gameplay. Though it’s a niche problem, it’s still worth mentioning.

More loadout slots is one of many reasons to look forward to the release of The Final Shape; there’s also exciting news on the campaign front. Bungie is saying this is the most compelling story yet and has even shown off dungeon-like mechanics in a strike. Though the content within these preview events are subject to change, there's always plenty to get excited about.