Fortnite: Twitter Reacts to the Exciting New Weapon Auto-Sorting Feature in the Preferred Item Slots

Fortnite: Twitter Reacts to the Exciting New Weapon Auto-Sorting Feature in the Preferred Item Slots

Fortnite has announced a massive gameplay feature with the game’s latest update. With update 17.40, fans have received a lot of new items like Bugha’s Icon Series skins, and other bundle and cosmetic collections as well. Along with that, they can also try the new reactive skins which has an extensive collection of wraps.

But the biggest change revolves around the introduction of Preferred Item Slots. This is the game’s new auto-sorting feature for weapons that should excite a lot of fans. They can control their loadout by adding preferences to designate an inventory slot for a certain weapon or item. When players find and pick these items, it automatically sorts itself to the slot designated by the players. Fans can choose the default configuration, but they can tweak it to fit their playstyle.

Fans of the game thronged towards Twitter to talk about the arrival of this weapon auto-sorting feature. Many of them felt positive about this change. But it had its naysayers as well.

Fans love the new auto-weapon sorting feature in Fortnite

A lot of players appreciated the implementation of the Preferred Items Slot feature. Many fans believe that this feature will make their life easier, especially during battles against other players where they might mess it up. Along with that, they have also mentioned that they love the customization for these slots as well.

Many of the popular Fortnite streamers echoed similar views about it as well. On Twitter, content creators like Nick EH 30 called it the best part about Chapter 2 Season 7 so far. Similarly, SypherPK and Typical Gamer also expressed their excitement for the feature as well.

However, some fans also felt that the Preferred Items Slot feature arrived a bit too late. Many players from the community have demanded for this feature since the start of the game’s first season. It may have arrived late, but fans love that the developers at Epic Games finally released it.

Fair share of haters as well

Like every new thing the developers try, Fortnite’s latest feature also has its fair share of detractors as well. On Twitter, three time FNCS winner TaySon expressed his displeasure towards Preferred Item Slots. He stated that it could lead to confusion while picking up guns from chests, which might cause them to be distracted.

Many players also suggested that this feature helps players using a joystick a lot. They noted that these players don’t have to worry about pressing a lot of buttons to change a weapon. However, many players also explained that this won’t be a massive buff for them.

It seems like Epic Games should have a massive success with the Preferred Items Slot feature. Many players have already showcased their configuration on social media platforms like Twitter and it seems like fans will try more experiments with it to see what suits them.