I bought my ticket from a 'lucky store', it was their second jackpot of the month

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I bought my ticket from a 'lucky store', it was their second jackpot of the month
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A LOTTERY player has cashed in on a six-figure jackpot after they bought the second winning slip of the month.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Hawley Food Mart sold a winning Powerball ticket worth $100,000 on Wednesday.

The store has since been dubbed "lucky" by residents, as it also sold a winning ticket just weeks earlier on August 4, per local news outlet WTMJ.

A First Play Progressive Jackpot ticket was bought by a customer and ended up being worth $30,384.

It wasn't quite as much as the August 30 win, but the store still sold over $130,000 in prize money within the month.

The Hawley Food Mart might be even luckier than expected, as the Wisconsin Lottery reported that the store sold $30,000 worth of scratch-off ticket wins for the past two years.

"Hawley Food Mart is no stranger to big Lottery wins. In addition to the Powerball and Fast Play wins, the retailer has sold three $10,000 winning scratch tickets in the last two years." a state lottery official said to the news outlet.

Pramod Patel, the manager at Hawley Food Mart, also noted that several scratch-offs worth $1,000 have frequented the establishment.

"Lately, a lot of people are talking about us as a lucky store," Patel explained to WTMJ.

"We've had many $1,000 winners along with the big tickets."

He added: "Lottery is popular here."

Not to mention, the store has benefitted considerably from the winners' good fortune.

Stores that operate with the Wisconsin State Lottery earn a two percent Retailer Performance Winning Ticket Incentive.

It's worth up to $100,000 per winning ticket sold.

The current odds of winning the Powerball jackpot, according to the Wisconsin State Lottery, sit at one in 292,201,338.

For the Fast Play Progressive Jackpot it's slightly better at one in 240,000,000.

As The U.S. Sun , another store in Kentucky also benefited greatly from selling a $500,000 winning ticket.

In Union, about 17 miles southwest of Cincinnati, Ohio, a Meijer grocery retailer will obtain a $5,000 bonus for selling the jackpot ticket to resident Daniel Refitt, per UPI.

Refitt generously handed out $100 bills to several employees at the store after discovering he'd won big.

“I saw a few guys sitting down and gave them $100 each and told them, ‘Merry Christmas,’” Reffitt noted.

After taxes, he took home about $357,500 after deciding to purchase the ticket on a whim.

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