PA Lottery Players Miss Powerball Jackpot, $8 Million In Winnings Awarded

Author: Live Casino Direct
PA Lottery Players Miss Powerball Jackpot, $8 Million In Winnings Awarded

PA Lottery Players Miss Powerball Jackpot, $8 million in Winnings Awarded. Fast Play and Match 6 jackpots and a number of Power Ball prizes have been won recently. Four scratch-off prizes of $1 million or more have also been claimed this month.

PA Lottery players have cashed in $8 million worth of scratch-offs on just four tickets since Nov. 1. Two of the big winning tickets were newly released Holiday-themed scratchers. The retailers also benefit from the prizes and receive commission bonuses for selling the winning scratch offs.

$1 million on We Wish You a Merry Million sold in York County by Big Mouth On The Run, 1308 North George St., West York. $3 million on $1 Million Millionaire Bucks sold by Mulligan’s Sports Bar & Grill, 1013 Lebanon Road, West Mifflin.

PA Lottery Fast Play and Draw games have produced big jackpots. A player in Allegheny County won $836,765 on Fast play. Chester County player won a bigger prize on traditional draw game. Fat Wallet and Fast Cash Fever games offer big prizes.

There were only three $1 million winners in Pennsylvania during the current Powerball jackpot run. The winner was a single person who bought a ticket at Turkey Hill, 7601 Allentown Boulevard in Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

PA Lottery had two second-tier winners in the previous drawing on Saturday, Nov. 5. The Lotteries doesn't know who the winners are until the prizes are claimed and the tickets are validated. In PA, Powerball, Match 6, and other draw game winners have one year from the drawing date to claim prizes. Scratch-off and Fast Play prizes expire one years from game’s end sale date.

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