Gaming On A Mac? From Browser Games To Cloud Gaming

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Can you play video games on a Mac or MacBook? A few short years ago, you might’ve assumed that Apple personal computers just weren’t set up for gaming, and you would’ve been right. Recently, however, the tech giant has made significant strides toward improving the accessibility of games across its full range of devices. But, in the age of dedicated gaming PCs and next-generation consoles, what type of gaming experiences can Apple users realistically expect to enjoy? 

In today’s post, we’ll dive into how to play digital games on Macs and take a look at the various options that are available.  

Modern Macs for Modern Gaming

For almost three decades, it was ‘known’ among global consumers that if playing video games was a priority, Macs probably weren’t the most ideal computers to buy. Sure, dedicated Macintosh titles like Myst and Marathon were a thing back in the 1990s, but as the gaming industry developed, gaming on a Mac became a very niche activity. 

Here in 2023, though, it’s a different story, as the newest generation of Macs and MacBooks are now capable of delivering robust gaming experiences. Innovations like the latest range of M3 chips, Dynamic Caching, and hardware-accelerated ray tracing are all set to deliver significant improvements in gaming performance. 

The Gaming Options Available

Of course, it’s not simply the case that Mac computers themselves haven’t been suitable for gaming. While they may not pack the performance punch that dedicated gaming rigs do, the crystalline displays and the all-around smoother UX of Apple computers could’ve made them a natural fit for digital adventures over the decades. Sadly, though, the gaming industry itself steered away from catering to Mac users, with both software developers and hardware manufacturers alike heading down the PC route.

But, things have begun to shift in the market, providing Apple owners with several different ways to play premium quality games on their preferred machines. 

Browser Games

Browser games are quite possibly the easiest type of games to play on Apple computers. They require no software installations or downloads, and there’s a wide variety of titles out there spanning popular genres from hypercasual through to online slots and casino games.

Some browser games are so lightweight that all you need to do is open the webpage and start playing — is a great example of this. 

Other games, like the online slot Animafia, can only be accessed by signing up for a player account with iGaming operators such as PokerStars Casino. Creating player accounts doesn’t just unlock access to the full portfolio of digital experiences available on these platforms; it also helps to keep your data safe and secure. Licensed iGaming operators have strict Know Your Customer policies that encompass age and identity verification. 

Native Mac Storefronts

Another option that’s available to Apple gamers is to go straight to the source using native Mac gaming storefronts. Most of the leading digital marketplaces — think Epic Games, Steam,, and — all feature Mac versions that make searching for those elusive Apple-ready titles much easier. 

Then, there’s Apple’s own Arcade subscription service, which you may already be familiar with if you’re an iOS gamer. The app includes a steadily increasing range of Mac gaming titles, a number of which can’t be found on other platforms.

Cloud Gaming 

For an effortless way to access A+++ titles on your Mac or MacBook, you can’t beat cloud gaming services. Unlike the digital storefronts mentioned above, cloud gaming platforms enable you to stream and play games instantly, often across multiple compatible devices. 

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate features a cloud gaming option (albeit still in beta mode) that is compatible with devices running iOS 14.4 or later, which will give you access to non-native Mac games. 

Another option is NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, which works in conjunction with existing gaming libraries (via marketplaces like Steam and Epic Games Store) to enable cross-platform play across consoles, PCs, and Apple computers.