Cloud gaming industry overview: Which industry giant has the edge?

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Cloud gaming industry overview: Which industry giant has the edge?
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The tech industry faces some tough challenges in 2021. The worldwide shortage has impacted many highly regarded industry players. Technology companies and gaming are known for adaptability.

Cloud gaming offers exceptional graphics performance without costly hardware upgrades. Google has been betting on the growth of cloud games as the next major industry.

Technology is changing the game industry. Game processing hardware will be moved to the cloud and becomes a business service. The model derived from these changes is shifting between product and service and the market is moving between console industry and cloud gaming industry overview.

A high-end game portfolio will make cloud gaming relevant. Game selection is regarded as a vital aspect of any platform value proposition. The gaming portfolio, especially blockbuster AAA games, is the key buy-by-buy criteria for cloud games.

Cloud gaming is expected to increase gaming services and increase gamers. If ARPU average sales drop, the longer-term strategy will shift to gaming lifetime values.

Cloud gaming is an online gaming platform that enables gamers to play games directly from their device or computer. It requires an installable game CD or files on the PC/ console for running an X-Box game.

Microsoft will launch the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer on November 29, 2020. It used games from third-party companies such as Forza Halo, Gear of War or independent game developers. XCloud is constantly updated with new games to ensure strong user participation across platforms.

Sony’s PlayStation Online platform offers more than 700 games for free to view and stream. Cloud Games has more 200,000 registered users and provides the catalogue of PS4 games as a free Download on Xbox 360 consoles.

Nvidia launched GeForce Now streaming platform in February 2020. It offers a range of games from Steam, Epic Games, Gog’s and Uplay. Steam integrates GeForce now directly into its platform. Cloud games have increased in popularity and the cloud gaming industry will soon become mainstream.

Cloud gaming is an innovative technological innovation that lets users play directly in the cloud without downloading a gaming device. It's similar to Netflix, Disney and other streaming services.

The cloud gaming industry has four gaming segments. Each segment requires technology and businesses for video game technology.

Esports are a form of online game competitions involving players competing for rank and prize. There is an estimated market value of over 1 billion. Professional players count thousands of amateur fans.

Immersive games have the most realistic graphics and realistic physics. They attract celebrities looking for new ways to communicate stories. A major AAA franchise title will require years for development as competition will increase and demand will rise.

Mobile gaming is the biggest driver of growth in the game industry. Mobile gaming accounted for nearly 70% of smartphone spending 14. Deloitte Digital Media Trends survey 2019.

The nonplayer segment is a growing market. Cloud services will help to increase player participation by removing barriers to entry. Mobile gaming has increased in importance as people are interested in playing videos and apps regardless of their global smartphone use.

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Cloud gaming industry overview: Which industry giant has the edge?

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