Decentraland Welcomes The First On-Chain Casino In The Metaverse 10/10/2022

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Decentraland Welcomes The First On-Chain Casino In The Metaverse 10/10/2022
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Metaskins -- a one-stop-shop for metaverse andnon-fungible token (NFT) needs, specifically avatars -- has announced the first and only on-chain wager-based gaming ecosystem in the popular virtual-world platform known as Decentraland.

TheHoly Temple Casino aims to be a destination for gaming, parties, and entertainment in the metaverse.

The project is a collaborative effort between Metaskins, globalasset management corporation Atlas Corp., and Metaskins’ The Holy Ones, a gaming ecosystem and NFT collection of art featuring famed holy beings such as Jesus and Shiva.

Holy Ones NFT owners are called “Holy Owners” and are able to participate in a related decentralizedautonomous community, or DAO, called the Holy DAO, which funds projects and games that grant royalties to members.

According to a recent statement, the Holy Temple Casino attempts to serve as the main hub in Decentraland. It features the Holy Ones’ latest release of their new gaming ecosystemincluding a metaverse lottery, a spin on the card-game War, and blackjack, as well as promotional events such as scavenger hunts that earn users tokens for games.

The Holy Temple Casino, the statement adds, is the “only casino in the entire metaverse.” Players are able to bet against other players or against the house and all games aredeployed on the Polygon blockchain, compatible with Web3 wallets such as Ethereum-based MetaMask.

David Cummings, co-founder and CEO of Metaskins, says he isexcited to finally have a “home for The Holy Ones.”

The Holy Temple Casino’s official launch will take place on Decentraland on FridayOctober 7 between 7:30pm and 10:30pm and will feature music by metaverse musicians DJTRAX & Billyteacoin.