Could NFTs Disrupt the Gambling Business?

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Could NFTs Disrupt the Gambling Business?
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The Slotie NFT from Elia Software is the first NTF to generate real money from gambling. Nfts are becoming more innovative and long-term investments.

10,000 NFTs were minted on Tuesday. They are said to provide real-world benefits at 150 casinos around the world and "Exclusive Holders Rewards". The first reward is a Slotie-themed game for crypto casinos. 80% of the commission goes to Sloties. Nfts are a token that can be transferred on the blockchain.

WATT is a new token used by Slotie. It will be used to create uses for slot tokens and create a market for them. WATTs will not be generated until the first or second quarter of 2022. The development team is often paid with Watt tokens.

WATTs is a token which acts like the energy in the Sloties' world. Every Slotie owner gets 10 WATT tokens daily.

The main use for WATTs is breeding. There is no real utility for Junior Sloties until at least the third quarter of 2022. Future games and partnerships could be beneficial to Slotie holders.

The Slotie NFT is one of the first real-world projects with the backing of a legitimate company. It's unclear on secondary markets which Sloties are the real ones and which are scams. The Nft from a company may be difficult to build a passionate following organically. The author's opinion does not necessarily reflect the official recommendation of Motley Fool. Travis Hoium owns shares of Etherum.

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