Slotie NFT is Building Community to Reshape Gambling Industry

Author: Live Casino Direct
Slotie NFT is Building Community to Reshape Gambling Industry
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The gambling industry is estimated to be worth billions of dollars. Online casinos and online gambling have played a significant role in increasing the gambling sector’s market capitalization and driving user growth. The introduction of the use of blockchain technology is expected to boost the growth of this industry.

Slotie NFT is building a community to change the current state of the online gambling industry. The current system is highly centralized and unfair. Incorporating decentralized finance in the gambling could be the solution.

Slotie is an NFT project that seeks to disrupt the gambling industry by introducing NFS and NTS. It will provide unique betting features for players and the opportunity for the investors to co-own the casinos’ house edge.

Community members can stake NFTs as liquidity for slot games. N FTs can be staked in slot machines by all holders equally.

NFT holders receive 80% of monthly revenue generated by Slotie owners. NFTs can enter lucrative partnership deals with other casinos and Elia software.

VIP MEMBERSHIP/RAKEBACK is a unique benefit of Slotie's project. NFT owners can get VIP membership at 150+ partner casinos and receive a cashback guarantee.

In five days after launching their Discord server, Slotie had over 10,000 members. The project has been dubbed one of the fastest-growing NFT communities this year.

Slotie intends to use blockchain technology to alter the gambling industry’s narrative.