Why do our Kiwi friends say pokies to slot machines?

Why do our Kiwi friends say pokies to slot machines?

The Kiwi word for slot machines is pokies. It is also used to refer to online poker machines. Australia also uses the same word. The origin of the word is unclear. New Zealand casinos have six poko machines, which are operated in the country. They are called pko in Australia. Online poker games are also called "pokie" in that country, but not in NZ.

The word pokie is abbreviated from the word poker machine. In New Zealand, the first poker machines are said to look more like slots than actual video poker games. The term pukies is used in both New Zealander and Australian speech. In the early 1900s, slot machines were called pikies. Back in the days, all slot machine operated by coins and visitors would collect coins from them. This theory suggests that the term came from visitors poking their fingers at the machines. They would make a wager with the coins.

The word "pokie" is used to refer to online gambling. There is no such thing as a regulated Australian or NZ online casino. In English, Pokies are called slot machines in American English and fruit machines in British English.

In both Australia and New Zealand, pokies are very popular. In Australia, there are 197,000 poko machines. Online pookies have not yet been regulated in neither Australia nor NZ.

New Zealanders are allowed to gamble on offshore websites. Rizk Casino NZ is one of the most popular online casinos in New Zealand. It is illegal for online gambling to be provided domestically except by authorised providers. The government warns of risks of unregulated online sites. There are many legal online casino companies in NZ. They offer tailored bonuses to Kiwi players. More brands are expected to follow. It's expected that more and more brands will follow RizaCasino.

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