Top 3 big pokie wins in Australia in 2023

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We can all admit that apart from the exciting gameplay, one of the main reasons Aussie players love pokies is that they can get you big wins. It is truly unique how these games can win you millions of dollars with just a few cents.

Although many of these jackpots occur in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, a few remarkable ones have happened in Australia. Only a few people know that Australians make up a significant portion of pokie players worldwide. With online casinos becoming more mainstream – click for more, huge wins are no longer restricted to one corner of the planet. Today, ordinary Aussies are becoming big winners by playing progressive jackpot slots from their smartphones.

Three Biggest Australian Slot Machine Wins

In this article, we’ve selected three of the biggest slot machine wins ever achieved in Australia. These pokie wins give you an idea of what you, as a player, can earn by playing slot machines. We also provide a guide from our experts on the beat tips to use if you want to get closer to big wins:

  1. The Dark Knight,
  2. Arabian Nights,
  3. Megabucks.

The Dark Knight: A AUD 10 Million Win

As a rule, people love playing a slot machine that is based on popular shows. These slot games have a fantastic way of immersing you back into that universe without you having to watch another movie. Pokies like these allow you to enjoy visuals from your favourite show while still winning some cash. The Dark Knight by Microgaming is one of these kinds of slots, and as you might have guessed, it is based on the hero of Gotham.

In April 2016, one player made history by winning a whopping AUD 10,420,000 in this slot. This Aussie became a millionaire overnight while playing the Dark Knight slot from their device. Such is the immense power of online pokies.

There also isn’t much information about this player, which is understandable. I also want to remain anonymous if I suddenly became a multimillionaire by winning the pokies. All we know is that the game was played in an online casino. Some players are sceptical about whether pokie wins made through online gambling get paid out at all. From all indications, the winnings were paid out to this player with no hassles.

Arabian Nights: A Magical AUD 6.9 Million Win

This significant win is a good example of why you should never look down on old classical slot games. The Arabian Nights slot could be more visually appealing but don’t worry, and it sure makes up for it in the size of its winnings. In 2013, an Aussie chap who chose to remain anonymous won an AUD 6.9 million jackpot by playing Arabian Nights online. Sadly, we don’t know much about how high the stake was or how long the winner played for.

If you’re unfamiliar with this pokie, it is a 5 reel, 10 pay line slot created in 2005 by NetEnt. It has a charming middle-eastern magical theme, but the graphics are quite dated. However, if you’re a player that enjoys classical slots, this game will likely be perfect for you. With an RTP of 96% and a jackpot attached, this game has birthed many fantastic pokie wins for players.

Megabucks: A Record-Setting AUD 350,000 Win

Although this win is the least in this article, it got much attention. It even got a moment of spotlight on The Daily Telegraph. It differs from others on this list, though, as the player won a land-based pokie, not an online one.

The story goes that this lucky winner walked into a club in Coffs and played Megabucks, a progressive jackpot slot machine managed by IGT and Maxgaming. The progressive jackpot started at AUD 250,000 and increased to AUD 350,000 before this player came along and swept up the cash.

The club’s CEO, John Rafferty, admitted that this win was one of the biggest slot machine wins ever had. This shows that although online casinos are becoming more popular, land-based pokies can still award you massive wins.

Notable Mentions

Over the years, New Zealanders have had their fair share of jaw-dropping wins. In 2013, a player from New Zealand won $943,971 while playing the Mega Moolah slot at the Royal Vegas casino. Another player from New Zealand famously won $19 million, also on Mega Moolah. He won this big jackpot by playing with only 75 cents from his mobile phone.

The Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming is the biggest slot machine for paying out huge jackpots. It holds the record for some of the biggest wins in human history ever paid out on a single slot machine. Progressive jackpot pokies, in general, are well known for giving big jackpots.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning Big When Playing Slot Machines

While slot machines are truly random, there are some tricks and strategies you can start using to increase your chances of winning big. Some of these strategies are:

  • Consider the RTP.
  • Choose progressive jackpots.
  • Manage your budget and never chase losses.
  • Play in a licensed casino.

Consider the RTP

The Return-to-player percentage of a slot machine can be a good indicator of how likely it is to payout. The closer the value is to 100, the lower the house edge. This means that the game is less likely to take all your money without paying much out. Casino games with higher RTPs also have the biggest slot machine wins.

Choose Progressive Jackpots

If you’re looking for the largest slot jackpot, progressive jackpot pokies should be at the top of your list. Yes, the winnings are less frequent than in traditional slots, but the payouts tend to be much larger. Most of the people who have recorded the biggest pokie wins in history have done it on a progressive jackpot slot machine.

Manage Your Budget and Never Chase Losses

Seeking the biggest pokie win should not make you abandon responsible gambling practices. It is quite easy to get caught up in the excitement and spend more than you intended to. So, set a budget before you start playing, and stick to it. If you don’t win as much as you hoped, shrug it off and try another day.

Play in a Licensed Casino

A bunch of players have come out with stories about how they were denied their legitimate winnings by an unregulated casino. To prevent this from being an issue when you snag that big win, make sure you’re playing at a licensed and regulated online casino. These types of casinos are less likely to pull something like that as they are closely monitored by regulatory bodies.


In conclusion, these pokie wins are truly remarkable and demonstrate the potential that slot machines have for life-changing payouts. But hold your horses. Before you get tempted to set aside your responsible gambling practices to achieve these big wins, remember that winning on pokies mostly depends on chance.

That being said, there are some tips and strategies you can use to increase your chances of getting a big win, such as sticking to a budget and choosing machines with high RTPs. So, next time you hit the casino, keep these things in mind and who knows, you may just be the next big pokie winner!

By Seamus RotherickMarch 10, 2023 06:21

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