Welcome revival for Mississippi gambling market

Author: Live Casino Direct
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Commercial casinos in Mississippi had a very successful 2021 after bringing in almost $2.7 billion in gross gaming revenues. The industry had its lowest annual revenue tally for 25 years at $1.8 billion.

Mississippi legalized riverboat casinos in 1990. The jurisdiction is home to some of the country's most enticing gaming establishments.

Mississippi's eleven casinos had a combined gross gaming revenues of $1.6 billion last year. Their counterparts in the north of the jurisdiction managed to rack up $696.1 million. Five gambling-friendly venues along the banks of Mississippi River near Natchez and Vicksburg also had receipts of around $364.5 million last season.

Mississippi's gross gaming revenues for April, May, June and July topped $245 million and $247 million respectively. The state's December revenues topped $226 million.

Cedric Burnett from the Mississippi House of Representatives has filed legislation that would allow sports betting venues to accept bets from punters located anywhere in the state. It's the third time in four years that he's tried to get a mobile sportsbetting measure passed.