Twitch Players and Gamblers Move To Streaming Platform Kick

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Twitch has been one of the most popular platforms for streaming games for a while and previously, you could go there to watch streamers play different casino games or games of chance online. However last month, Twitch introduced a ban on streaming online casino content from unregulated online gambling sites. This has affected streamers like Roshtein, who still has one million one hundred thousand followers on Twitch that watched his gambling-focused account and non-gambling-focused content. Basically, many people care about his content and would be willing to jump ship from Twitch if there is somewhere else you could go to see the content he is generating, which is what a new competitive site that hopes to get into the live-streaming business is banking on...

Roshtein moved to an alternative to Twitch known as Kick and started streaming his old content in test streams to his many followers. Kick is currently in Beta, but pretty much anyone can sign up to stream on that platform and unlike on Twitch, streaming games of chance on the platform is allowed.

Roshtein didn’t take a total break away from gambling over the past few weeks, however. He has been posting some big sports bets on Twitter for FIFA World Cup games. He is also running a World Cup predictions game through his website, with users battling it out for a slice of the $100,000 prize pool.

Another notable gambling streamer from Canada known as Xposed also came to Kick and decided to test things out on the platform. Hopefully, this spells a decent future for future Twitch competitors...

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Roshtein playing Heartstone on Twitch whilst simultaneously promoting his gambling stream on Kick is too much. Is dude trying to actively recruit kids?

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Roshtein Back on Twitch Cross-Promoting