Top 3 GambleFi Crypto April 2024: Why Gambling is Next Big Trend and Best GambleFi Coins
Top 3 GambleFi Crypto April 2024: Why Gambling is Next Big Trend and Best GambleFi Coins
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Looking to the year ahead, GambleFi crypto emerges as a strong potential narrative for lucrative returns, in this article explore new trend in crypto casinos and uncover the best GambleFi coins for April.

US iGaming revenue earned $66.5Bn last year – a trend analysts suggest is likely grow further with the legalization of sports betting, and these discussions have fuelled retail investor curiosity around the question: What if crypto took a slice of those earnings?

Enter: GambleFi Crypto.

As the name suggests, it’s where gambling meets decentralized finance, creating a space ripe with potential for innovation and growth – from crypto casinos to prediction markets.

Crypto influencers like Crypto God John and Alex Becker have already backed GambleFi crypto projects, predicting it will be among the next big narratives, alongside gaming and AI.

Compared to traditional gambling, GambleFi offers a host of benefits:

  • Instant transactions: Say goodbye to the waiting times for deposits, withdrawals, and payouts.
  • Anonymity: No need for personal details; this is Web3 – a simple MetaMask login will do.
  • Transparency and Fairness: Every game’s mechanics can be verified on the blockchain, ensuring fair play.

Despite the risks associated with gambling – some investors already consider cryptocurrency trading as gambling – GambleFi has demonstrated a strong potential for lucrative returns, even amid broader market downturns.

Here’s a brief rundown of the top three tokens in the GambleFi crypto space:

GambleFi Coins #3 – Rollbit (RLB) – First Mover’s Advantage

Rollbit (RLB) is the largest project in the GambleFi space, boasting $64 million in revenues over the last month from sports betting, casino games, and high-leverage trading. Rollbit uses part of its profits to buy back and burn RLB tokens, rewarding its community.

The betting volume on Rollbit continues to grow, continuing the significant success Rollbit experienced in 2023. During that year, the platform’s native token, RLB, witnessed an astronomical rise of over +5,000%, peaking at an all-time high of $0.24 in November.

Although RLB has since seen some pullback, currently trading between $0.10 and $0.13 with a $357m market cap in April, the platform’s founder, Lucky, remains optimistic about Rollbit’s growth trajectory.

The platform accommodates users registering via wallet or email, though it might have geographic restrictions.

GambleFi Coins #2 – Kineko (KNK) – The Next Rollbit

Kineko (KNK) offers an expansive library of sports gaming and crypto casino options, with a sleek and modern interface to set themselves apart. They’re like the 2.0 version of Rollbit.

Kineko is an active participant on Twitter and frequently runs exciting promotions related to trending sporting events to engage with the community. As of now, the KNK price is $0.49 and its market capitalization is $4.8 million, with a fully diluted market cap of $9.6 million.

If Kineko achieves just a fraction of Rollbit’s all-time high, that’s nearly 100 times the price of today’s products.

Some other things to know about Kineko:

    • It’s built on the reliable Solana Chain.
    • There’s a total supply of 20 million KNK, with nearly all of it in circulation.
    • Profits are partially funneled back into the token, with 90% used for buyback and burn programs and 10% distributed as dividends to KNK stakers.

GambleFi Coins #1 – Green Bitcoin (GBTC) – Pre-Halving 100X Play?

You won’t find many GambleFi crypto YouTubers shilling for Green Bitcoin (GBTC)—not yet. GBTC, not to be confused with the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, is an Eco-friendly Bitcoin alternative that allows you to gamble on the price of Bitcoin (BTC).

Currently in presale, Green Bitcoin has raised $9,595,547 as traders rush to claim an early bird advantage over this emerging GambleFi play.

With Green Bitcoin, you can take advantage of its predict-to-earn staking protocol. The team behind GBTC calls it “gamified green staking.”

The process of earning GBTC rewards using the protocol is easy. Users must purchase GBTC tokens and stake them on the protocol to start playing the price prediction game. Once staked, you can make daily predictions of whether Bitcoin is going up, down, or sideways within 24 hours.

Users who make correct predictions receive rewards based on the number of GBTC tokens they staked that day.

Ahead of the Bitcoin halving event on April 20, markets are taking further notice of Green Bitcoin as a potentially lucrative 100x BTC beta play.

The Bottom Line: GambleFi Crypto Casinos is the Future of iGaming Industry

As GambleFi continues to evolve, its success hinges on effective marketing to attract gamblers and a solid tokenomic model to sustain price.

While many projects may seem similar at first glance, those with a strong marketing strategy and an appealing token model will likely rise to the top.

With influencers already backing some of these tokens, the question remains: are we early enough to catch the wave?

As the space grows, keeping an eye on these projects – especially early-bird opportunities like Green Bitcoin – could unlock substantial gains for seasoned investors and crypto newcomers alike.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.