As GambleFi Shows Strength Best Telegram Crypto Casino TG Casino Hammers Past $1.8M Raised in Presale

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As GambleFi Shows Strength Best Telegram Crypto Casino TG Casino Hammers Past $1.8M Raised in Presale
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Friday, November 10, 2023 – Leading GambleFi presale TG Casino has hammered past $1.8M raised, as investors flock to $TGC token amid huge growth potential for .

Built on the promise of bringing fully anonymous crypto gambling to Telegram, TG Casino has emerged as one of the biggest names in GambleFi since the launch of its presale and casino in late September.

Investors are taking note, as an influx of volume over the past 24-hours has seen the TG Casino presale surge to $1,833,838, as demand for the $TGC token grows amid an uptick in traction on X.

With the $TGC presale now undertaking price increases in +$0.005 increments every 5 days, there is an ever-pressing incentive for investors to get in early to secure the best price.

This is likely due to an added incentive that sees players wagering with the native $TGC receive a generous 25% cashback on net losses every week.

Crypto Gambling Offers Huge Growth Opportunity For Gaming Industry

Currently the fastest growing vertical in the Gaming industry, crypto casinos are already a market worth a jaw-dropping $250m, with the latest data showing that crypto gambling volumes exceeded $6.3bn in Q1 2022.

But with the global igaming industry worth a staggering $263bn, crypto casinos are poised to experience substantial growth as Web3 adoption increases around the world – currently representing less than 0.1% of the entire igaming market.

Bitcoin remains the most popular crypto asset to wager, representing 72% of all crypto bets, while Ethereum comes in as the second most popular asset at 13.45% of bets.

Yet, while both crypto assets offer an easy onboarding experience for new users, neither offer the opportunity to protect your bottom-line – and this is opening the door for the ever-growing TG Casino platform’s native token $TGC.

With this bespoke GambleFi token incentivized by the offering of 25% cashback on bets, users can stay in-the-game for longer as they chance the opportunity to make it big.

Major Rally in GambleFi Tokens During Uptober Spotlights Moon-Shot Potential For $TGC

GambleFi tokens witnessed a strong performance on the market during October’s ‘Uptober’ surge, with markets invigorated by break-out movements from leading GambleFi token Rollbit (RLB).

2023-favorite, Rollbit has seen tremendous growth this year, both in RLB price and in crypto casino adoption, with price shooting up +2,517% year-to-date (YTD).

This has been bolstered by a strong month-on-month (MoM) performance with RLB price currently on a +105.86% monthly gain.

(RLB in blue, WINR in orange).

Similar GambleFi tokens such as Winr Protocol (WINR) have tracked Rollbit’s aggressive price rally, with WINR’s MoM performance at +225% bringing the overall YTD gain to +1836%.

With price action spotlighting GambleFi as a market favorite, TG Casino’s high-growth potential is clear to see, offering the opportunity to get in as an early-backer to secure potential 100x gains.

$TGC Offers More Than 25% Cash-Backs, Claim Your Slice Of The Pie With High APY Revenue Share Staking

Part of the allure of the TG Casino presale is access to high APY staking, made possible by an innovative mechanism that enables holders to claim a slice of the pie.

This is made possible by the introduction of a revenue share for holders, with $TGC token stakers receiving a cut of TG Casino’s take.

Currently this leaves early backers enjoying a market-beating 288.7% APY staking yield.

But $TGC token value doesn’t stop there, with value accrual also being driven by TG Casino’s buyback program, with 40% of tokens burned and the remaining 60% distributed as additional staking rewards.

Buyback programs are a proven winning model, stealing a leaf out of Rollbit’s playbook – but with the added bonus of taking place via an easy-to-use, always-in-your-pocket, Telegram casino platform.

Furthermore, there is already a surging growth plan in place, with the platform already benefiting from the introduction of a new competitive referral program that has users duking it out for large cash prizes.

Don’t Miss Out As Influencer Attention Puts TG Casino in Market Spotlight 

As the TG Casino presale makes waves, hurtling past $1.8M raised at the attractive price of $0.15, crypto influencers from around the world are taking notice of the opportunity and encouraging their audience’s to invest early.

Youtuber Crypto V.O. shared the presale as a potential 100x trade with their 314k subscriber army, and Michael Wrubel, a YouTube crypto expert with more than 31k subscribers published a video where he bought $1,000 worth of $TGC tokens.

While TG Casino’s appeal hasn’t been limited to western markets alone, with the promise of anonymous gambling attracting significant interest in the Chinese market – with popular Chinese crypto influencer Andehui spotlighting the TG Casino presale for his audience of 104k subscribers this week.

So, don’t be side-lined again, participate early in this high-APY, high-growth potential gem, the $TGC token can be bought with ETH or BNB and USDT (ERC-20 and BEP-20) and runs on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20)