The New GambleFi Wave of 2022

Author: Live Casino Direct
The New GambleFi Wave of 2022

The year 2021 was a watershed moment for the development of the blockchain technology. Millions of new users joined the crypto ecosystem and the number of transactions involving digital assets increased dramatically. El Salvador became the first country to embrace bitcoin as a legal tender in June. The NFT market had its "best year yet" in 2021, with over $23 billion in trading volume.

The online gambling market and the cryptocurrency market have begun to merge. Wonderland has already allocated a portion of its $1 billion treasury towards a seed investment in a betting dApp named BetswapGG.

GambleFi DAO is an innovative financial ecosystem based on a rebase currency managed by a DAo. It offers innovative gamification systems, including the first zero loss betting system and a Booster Box system.

GambleFi DAO features the first zero loss gambling system with initial investment return for a lost bet. Users will be able to bet on various sporting and esport events. The users’ investment is accumulated and staked for one week in the most rewarding staking pools. At the end of the betting period the stakes are distributed between the winning betters and the losers receive their initial investments back. 10% of stakings are donated to the protocol treasury.

GambleFi is a new DAO that uses a betting system to collect and redistribute assets. The DAOs will grow their native tokens without being affected by the betting. The new wave of 2022 will be launched.

GambleFi DAO features NFT Boosters, NFIs that offer investors discounts on the vesting period of bonds purchased through the protocol. 2022 is building up towards another booming year for cryptocurrency.