Pennies slots from your pocket equal casino pennies cash from heaven

Play penny slot machines online instead of throwing those unwanted pennies in the water-fountain at the local shopping mall and make your wishes come true for real.
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Penny slots: Spin the reels online for as little as 1¢ and win big!

Penny slots

This immalleability of slot gameplay is also a reason to play the penny slots: Though you’ll never pocket a massive win of hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars/euros on a penny slot game, if the point is simply to enjoy spinning the reels a bit, why spend more? After all, the huge wins of the five-wild variety are extremely rare and the house edge on any slot game is the widest in the online casino, so stretch that dollar a bit and simply pay penny slots to your heart’s content (or at least a lot more). And you might be surprised how many quality penny slots titles are out there today: Franchise-name and original games alike such as Cashapillar, Cupid’s Arrow, Hit Man, Sea Captain, Superman, and Tiki Island offer spins for mere pennies. The next time you’re on a gaming jones, then, enjoy the online casino games a bit longer: Try a few penny slots. You’ll be glad you did.

If you thought penny slots were a thing of the past or relegated to casino havens like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, think again: The online casino world is teeming with great high-tech games that can be played for the lowest-denomination coin there is.

The arguments for playing penny slots are indeed salient. Unlike, say, online poker, in which the amount you’re willing to spend typically determines the quality of gameplay (i.e. the higher stakes tables are almost always loaded with higher-quality players than the 5¢/10¢ games), a penny slots game does not change at all with the amount wagered.

And while a 10,000x jackpot may not exactly be life-changing for the penny slots player, it’s still proportionately a pretty massive win: You’ll be playing for quite a bit longer after a jackpot win. Perhaps the penny slot player would take the opportunity to bump up the wagering level a bit after stashing away a few hundred dollars for what was a $10 a week diversion.

Can you really play slot machine for a penny?

Okay, we’ll admit that this is where the “penny slots” descriptors goes slightly beyond the lieteral meaning into a new definition. These games are actually penny-per-payline slots, but you can imagine how awkward and unmarketable that expression is. Penny slots have existed well before multiple paylines and thus the moniker has stuck for decades, promulgated by Las Vegas casinos’ attempts to draw in players on a budget.

The point here is that rarely will one spend just 1¢ per spin; after all, that amount will only cover one payline of what is most likely at least a 9-payline game. Additionally, nearly every online penny slot requires the player to cover all paylines in order to achieve the maximum jackpot payout on the largest-paying win – still, who’s really gonna complain about having to spend 15 or 30 cents on a spin?

Are there any classic penny slots?

Ironically enough, this subgenre surely includes the fewest such penny-per-payline slots. This makes a fair amount of sense, as the typical fruit machine-style casino game has one or three paylines and pays out in multipliers of the original bet only. In addition, a sizable fraction of fruit games are progressive jackpot slots and these typically have a set price per spin of $1 (or currency equivalent) to take a shot at the jackpot payout.

What are some good penny slots?

Waaaaaay too many to mention or list here. Please see above for a nicely representative sample of these games.

Are penny slots popular?

For sure – and now more than ever. One reaction by online casino operators to the global crisis of 2008 was to introduce more games for budgeted players, mostly penny slots. Well more than half the new slots that come down the pike for release in online casinos in the 2010s may be classified as penny slots, and ranges of 1¢ to $100 per payline per spin are not uncommon any more.

To play some of the best online slot games out there on a budget, look for penny slots, now widely available at most reputable internet casinos. It’s a great way to play the exact same high-tech titles for less money – and thus more time to enjoy them. Again, the sole disadvantage to playing penny slots: Those top payouts are naturally proportionally smaller. But hey, a jackpot win is a jackpot win, right? Just remember it’s all relative.

Play at the lowest minimum value with penny slots and turn that loose change into something you can slip into your billfold.
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