Thailand legislative panel seeks to legalize all forms of gambling with 5 new casinos

Thailand legislative panel seeks to legalize all forms of gambling with 5 new casinos
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A committee of the Thai National Assemblythat is analyzing the possibility of legalizing gambling is proposing the establishment of five casinos, with revenues taxed at 30%, as it believes that it would help reduce problems with the increasing number of illegal gambling dens in the country.

Pichet Chuamuangphan, the second vice-chairman of the committee, said after a meeting held Wednesday that they have submitted their findings to the government for them to consider the establishment of legal casinos.

The casinos would be in the north, northeastern, central, and southern regions of Thailand as well as the Greater Bangkok area. Furthermore, he explained that the proposed legislation would allow all forms of gambling, from traditional to online gambling, as reported by the Thai PBS World.

The chairman also explained that for the proposed casinos, the government would allow concessions with the private sector, from which the government will collect 30% tax, including local tax which can be used for the maintenance of such venues.

The House committee also examined Section 4 of the Gambling Act, which prohibits gambling without a royal decree. It will recommend that the governmentamend laws and regulations to allow legal casinos to open, as they would create jobs, attract foreign visitors and bring additional revenue to the country.

Chuamuangphan said that the house committee has studied the legislation of casinos in various countries, such as Singapore and Malaysia, methods which they will adapt to make them suitable for Thailand. Feasibility studies are still ongoing.

The committee will submit its findings to the government in a month’s time, and make proposals to the House of Representatives by this November. With gambling currently illegal in Thailand, there have been reports of numerous underground gambling dens in the country. The issue has often been raised by the Oppositionduring their parliamentary grilling of the government