Casino call from Thai legislators

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Casino call from Thai legislators
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A panel of Thai legislators has submitted a petition calling on the PM to legalize casino gambling. The lawmakers believe it would help the country's economy. It is also part of a broader campaign to move Thailand towards a more liberal legal landscape.

Thailand is home to over 66 million people. It is surrounded by countries that allow some form of gambling. Pheu Thai Party wants to attract tourists and generate more revenue.

Lawmakers want to open casinos in Bangkok, Pattaya and Rayong. They believe it will bring in $11 billion in annual tax revenues.

The panel's petition is built upon a special provision within Thailand’s Gambling Act of 1935. It allows the government to give certain areas the right to host gambling-friendly venues while keeping such entertainment illegal across the wider country.

Chuamuangphan is a Thai legislator. He believes casinos could be brought to Thailand via public-private partnerships involving foreign companies or by issuing licenses direct to overseas firms. The facilities would need to come complete with hotels and retail elements, in addition to other forms of entertainment like amusement parks or concert halls.

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