Strip drives record win for Nevada casinos

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Strip drives record win for Nevada casinos
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Nevada casinos reported their 12th consecutive billion-dollar month in February.
That is a 44.1 percent increase compared to February 2021 as win on the Las Vegas Strip continued to drive record profits statewide.
Strip win was up 72 percent from a year ago to $599.1 million. Gaming Control Board analyst Mike Lawton said that’s the third highest win total all time for February. And the $1.1 billion total statewide win is the all-time high for February.
Clark County as a whole raked in $949.8 million.
Furthermore, Lawton said those totals were attained without a strong Chinese New Year.
The numbers also emphasize the importance of a strong events calendar. He pointed to the huge active entertainment calendar in February which saw performances by Garth Brooks, George Strait, Justin Bieber, Billy Joel and Metallica. Beyond that, Las Vegas hosted the NHL All-Star game, the NFL Pro Bowl and saw the return of Super Bowl partying with COVID-19 restrictions lifted.
The Carson Valley reporting area, which includes valley portions of Douglas County as well as the capital, reported an increase of 17.2 percent over a year ago. While that is smaller than many other reporting areas, Carson had pretty much recovered from the pandemic crash before this year began.
Both slots and table games increased — slot win by 16.5 percent and table games by 38.6 percent compared to a nearly 32 percent decline a year ago
South Lake Tahoe was the only reporting area in Nevada to finish February with a decrease — down 3.9 percent to $19.67 million.
Game and table win was down 19.2 percent.
North Shore casinos at Crystal Bay increased win 4.2 percent to a total of $2.2 million in February. Slot win was up 18.7 percent, which more than offset the table games numbers that were down 33 percent. But table games make up just a tiny piece of the North Shore’s gaming win.
Total win in Washoe County was up 18.6 percent, or $13 million, to $83.79 million. Nearly all of that increase, $11 million, was reported by Reno casinos.
In Churchill County, non-restricted licensees reported just over $2 million in winnings, a 7.7 percent increase from February 2021. The vast majority of that, about $2 million, comes from just two categories — penny slots and multi-denominational machines.
Table games added just $33,000 to the pot.
Lawton said sports pools won $30.9 million in February, down 2.9 percent. But the total wagered on sports was up 40.9 percent to $781 million.
February 2022
Area    Win     Percentage Change
Statewide       $1.2 billion     44.1%
Carson Valley $10.9 million  17.2%
South Shore   $19.67 million           -3.93%
North Shore   $2.15 million  4.15%
Washoe County         $83.59 million           18.6%
Reno   $60.89 million           22.1%
Clark County  $949.87 million         50.4%
The Strip        $599.1 million           71.9%