Pennsylvania Financial Planner Wins $162,441 in Maryland Lottery

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LAUREL, MD – A frequent lottery player from Philadelphia has won a substantial jackpot of $162,441 while visiting Maryland. The Pennsylvania resident, a financial planner, scored the significant win through the Maryland Lottery’s FAST PLAY Big Money Doubler game.

During a routine visit across the Mason-Dixon Line, the winner, who regularly buys lottery tickets during his trips to Maryland, decided to purchase his ticket at All Saints Liquors located at 9105 All Saints Road in Laurel. The purchase was made as he was preparing to attend a Memorial Day celebration, with plans to bring beverages to the event.

The Big Money Doubler game, which features a $5 ticket and a progressive jackpot, has now delivered its fifth jackpot. This jackpot continues to grow with each ticket purchased until it is won.

The winner used the Maryland Lottery mobile app to check his ticket at home and was shocked to discover the prize amount. After sharing the news with his girlfriend and friends, the excitement spread among his circle, with disbelief being a common reaction.

In addition to the windfall for the winner, All Saints Liquors also benefited from the jackpot, receiving a $1,000 bonus from the Maryland Lottery for selling a progressive jackpot-winning ticket valued over $100,000.