Las Vegas hotel guests trapped in rooms by hours-long elevator wait

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Las Vegas hotel guests trapped in rooms by hours-long elevator wait
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Line up, line up to ride the elevator!

Guests of a Las Vegas’ circus-themed hotel say they have been taken for a ride after ongoing maintenance issues led to some furious travellers ‘blowing their top’.

The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino on the Southern Boulevard has reportedly been attracting longer queue than a fairground attraction. Only rather than the ‘greatest show on Earth’ the tourists are waiting to leave the hotel. In some cases hours at a time.

One guest said she would not be back, after sharing a TikTok of the long lines leading to the working lift on her floor.

“Only half the elevators were running, out of those elevators half of them would get stuck and never come to any floor,” said PinkVenomGirl over her video.

“I don’t even know how far back it goes,” she said following the line of people trying to exit the hotel. “Yeah, and they’re stressing.”

The TikToker was clearly unimpressed, saying it took her between 30 minutes to an hour just to leave the building.

One comment claimed their party waited two hours for all of them to get a ride down to the ground floor.

“It got worse! I was just there a month and a half ago. We took stairs with all of our luggage,” wrote another comment on the TikTok clip.

“Imagine forgetting something in your room,” quipped another.

A representative for the Carnival-themed hotel owned by Phil Ruffin, told the Daily Mail they were aware of the issues which had largely been resolved during maintenance work.

“Please know this video was captured over a month ago,” read a statement from the hotel.

“Since that time, Circus Circus has completed two additional elevators of their ongoing $11 million elevator project.”

Two additional lifts had been reopened to guests and had vastly improved waiting times, they said.

After gaining 2 million views for her first elevator review, Pink Venom Girl shared an update of exactly what was going down with the lamentable lift service.

“They had 10 elevators, five of them weren’t working,” she said.

Once finally in an elevator it was far from a “fun ride” experience. Two of the working lifts were service elevators, which only accessed some of the floors.

Staying on floor 10, she eventually took on the stairs out of desperation. Although instead of leading to the lobby and taxi ranks, it would exit out the rear of the hotel.

“The stairway would let you leave through the street, however, that also said, ‘emergency exit alarm will sound,’ she said.

“No alarm sounded, so the emergency exits don’t work.”