Las Vegas' 'FILTHIEST' and 'most unhygienic' hotels and casinos are revealed ahead of this weekend's hotly-anticipated Formula 1 Grand Prix

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Las Vegas' 'FILTHIEST' and 'most unhygienic' hotels and casinos are revealed ahead of this weekend's hotly-anticipated Formula 1 Grand Prix
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The Formula 1 Grand Prix is just days away from pulling into Las Vegas and fans across the world will be wheeling into the city.

But travelers should steer away from these hotels and casinos if they are looking for a pleasant stay. 

Data analysts at BitcoinCasinos have complied a list of the 49 dirtiest spots to stay in Sin City based on more 500,000 Tripadvisor reviews. 

After assessing which hotels contained the highest percentage of keywords linked to uncleanliness, such as 'dirty,' 'unclean,' 'filthy,' 'disgusting,' and 'bed bugs,' the budget OYO Hotel and Casino was outed as the worst offender. 

In total, 28 per cent of reviews linked to this hotel mentioned the lack of hygiene.

One disappointed reviewer wrote after staying there in November: 'I found a used towel in the bathroom. Tub was very old and nasty.

'The AC was very loud. You can hear everything happening outside the room. One of the elevators was broken which was very inconvenient.'

Another unhappy customer said after their October vacation: 'The room décor is poorly painted over old furniture. Nothing had been dusted or sanitized. Carpets throughout were dirty and probably hadn't been vacuumed maybe ever. 

'The bathroom wasn't clean at all in our room, we had to buy products to clean it ourselves. The restaurants, bars, and café were below average. At least the bed slept decent and there were no bugs.'

Photos posted by travelers also show cockroaches on the property, stained carpets and dirty air vents.  

While it scores low on cleanliness, OYO Hotel and Casino has a 4 out of 5 rating overall thanks to its convenient location and cheap price point. 

In at second place in the analysis is Excalibur Hotel & Casino, with 27.20 per cent of reviews highlighting the dirty interiors. 

The team at BitcoinCasinos said of the hotel: 'The hotel rooms are riddled with bugs and looks like cleaning services aren't used there often, if at all.

'Excalibur prides itself on it's historic imagery, posing in a castle-like form. Tourists made sure to note on the hotel & casino's old-fashioned interior, many claiming that it must be modernized in order to compete with other competitors in Las Vegas.'

One Tripadvisor traveler who stayed at the hotel in November simply titled their review 'dirty rooms.'

Explaining what was so bad about the place, they continued:  'Our shower had two containers - body wash and shampoo. The body wash was completely empty on our first night, therefore, the room wasn't truly inspected before our stay. 

'When a replacement was brought to the room, I was going to replace the empty container with the new one only to fine a razor blade between the two containers that were not ours. 

'The room was not cleaned and the fact this container was empty and a razor between shows no one every really cleaned that area and missed it.'

With 26.9 per cent of Tripadvisor reviews referencing uncleanliness, the Luxor Hotel & Casino came in at third place in the investigation.

Although rooms can be booked for as cheaply as $70 per night, some guests have reported sharing their suites with several creepy crawlies and they have noted the tired interiors.

One reviewer said of their November stay that it was 'disappointing in SO many ways.'

They continued: 'I don't even know where to start! All the staff that I interacted with, and there was six of them, were rude, arrogant, obnoxious, completely lacked professionalism and customer service skills. There were a number of issues they couldn't care less about and cut me off each time I tried to voice my concerns! 

'From caked dust in all the vents, dirty bedsheets like they've never been washed, filthy shower with scum not only on the door and walls but inside too and the bathroom floor. 

'All of this considered it probably shouldn't have been a surprise there were bugs in the rooms like looked like baby cockroaches!!'

Another traveler said that when they accessed their hotel room, they discovered a dead bug on their pillow. 

Next on BitcoinCasinos' list is the Flamingo hotel, with 26.60 per cent of reviewers slamming it lack of cleanliness. 

One of the most recent Tripadvisor reviews simply deems the property 'horrible.'

The unenthused traveler said some of the unappetizing things they found included hair on the linen, something that looked like food on the headboard, no soap in the bathroom and dust on top of the toilet. 

Another reviewer said the location is great but 'the rooms suck.'

Some of the surprises they found included 'black mold in the shower' and paint peeling off the ceiling. 'Never again!!!' they concluded. 

Rounding out the top five in the analysis of Las Vegas' dirtiest hotels is Circus Circus.

The hotel has been reviewed more than 14,000 on Tripadvisor with 26 per cent of the entries relating to its lack of hygiene. 

One of the most damning reviews, left in October, warns travelers to 'AVOID' the property at all costs, with it deemed 'disgusting, overpriced, [and] outdated.'

The traveler notes that the hotel looked 'exactly the same' as it did when they stayed there 20 years ago. 

They add: 'The rooms, floors, and elevators are so dirty and outdated I couldn't believe my eyes. How can this place charge as much as it does for absolutely zero amenities, nasty rooms and a horrible, run down casino. DO NOT STAY HERE.'