'It's the Hottest Casino in the South'

'It's the Hottest Casino in the South'
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Louisiana loves to take chances. Heck, just look at where we live. We build houses on the ground that's way too soft, next to an ocean that is sucking our land away when it's not spinning hurricanes and tropical storms in our general direction. So, yeah, it takes a lot of luck just to live in Louisiana but then again we also like the thrill of the victory.

That's why so many in Louisiana love the thrill of casino gambling. We have some of the nation's premier gaming facilities inside our state's borders. The folks at Coushatta Casino Resort just announced a big expansion there. So, we'll have even more places and more room to play there too.

Speaking of players there is an awful lot of superstition and hearsay that goes into being well well-rounded gambler. Many of us who play games of chance rely on "inside information" from friends, fellow players, or some guy on the Internet, to guide us toward a financial windfall. We, as gamblers, also believe in streaks and streaks of good luck and bad luck.

That means when we hear of a machine, a game, a casino, that is really starting to pay out often, we usually take advantage of that information and try our luck. Well, right now there is a Gulf Coast Casino that is on fire as far as slot machine jackpots are concerned.

In the past two months, the facility has paid out just over $2.67 million in slot machine jackpots. The most recent big payout was this past Saturday when a player betting $25 on the Dragon Link game netted a top prize of $1,217,921,02. According to reports the player had been on the game for about an hour when the jackpot hit.

That's Only One of Three Major Slot Jackpots

Just a week and a day earlier another machine inside the "red hot casino" hit for a jackpot payout of $200,000. The game that the player was playing was $100 Triple Double Stars.

And on March 8th a player who was playing a Wheel of Fortune Machine hit for a jackpot prize of $1,254,996. Needless to say, that player can afford all the vowels and ceramic dogs they want. Longtime fans of the TV show will understand what that means.

What Casino Has Been Getting All The Big Money Winners?

It's the Gulf Coast Casino that is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. That would be the elegant Beau Rivage in Biloxi Mississippi. The casino does have a lot of great fun planned for their silver anniversary but I think we as players would be content with keeping these big money jackpots rolling.

Congratulations to all the winners and to all who didn't win, we hope you had fun. If you have an issue with gambling, help is available. In Louisiana, you may call 1-877-770-STOP for a free referral to a trained counselor.