Indian authorities dismantle online gambling ring

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Indian authorities dismantle online gambling ring
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The operation was carried out by the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (UP STF) last Sunday and exposed a network involved in extensive illegal betting activities, according to authorities.

Acting on intelligence, the UP STF conducted raids in that state’s capital city of Lucknow, resulting in the capture of key members of the gang. The arrested individuals were identified as the masterminds behind the operation, orchestrating bets and managing financial transactions through sophisticated online platforms.

Authorities seized numerous electronic devices, including laptops and mobile phones, used to facilitate the gambling operations. Additionally, they recovered significant amounts of cash and other incriminating documents, which provided further evidence of the illegal activities.

During the press briefing, an STF official highlighted the growing trend of online gambling and its detrimental impact on society. The official emphasized the importance of continued vigilance and cooperation between law enforcement agencies to curb such illegal activities effectively.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the syndicate had been operating for several months, attracting a large number of participants. The gang used social media and messaging apps to lure individuals into placing bets on various events, including sports and online games.

The arrested suspects have been charged under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Information Technology Act. They are currently in police custody, and further investigations are underway to identify and apprehend other members of the network.