18 arrested in newest raid on illegal gambling operators in Thailand

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18 arrested in newest raid on illegal gambling operators in Thailand

Police in Thailand have raided two residential houses used for online gambling and arrested 18 people involved in the illegal activity.

The services that were being offered include online gambling sites and betting on football matches. Under the Anti-Money Laundering Act, police seized 16 computers, eight luxury cars and THB11m ($337,000) in cash for further examination. The suspects were charged with illegal online gambling activity and violating the emergency Covid-19 decree.

Since the start of the pandemic, illegal gaming activity has spiked as well. Last month, Thailand’s police took down a Euro 2020 online gambling site and arrested two men, who were charged with hosting online gambling during the Euro 2020 football tournament.

The authorities also seized equipment used by the suspects, including six desktop and notebook computers, 19 ATM cards and 19 bankbooks. The men were hired by foreign gambling networks to be administrators for the gambling website, reports the Chiang Rai Times.

Back in May, authorities stopped a gambling operation that earned $3m a month. Nineteen people were arrested during the raid and officers seized eight computers, 30 monitors, 27 mobile phones, seven bank account books and 17 ATM cards.

The rai was conducted after an investigation into the PGSLOT889.com website and the operation was spread over three condominium rooms in Bangkok. The authorities said the investigation was being extended in hopes of finding other people involved in the gambling activities.

Thailand’s law prohibits nearly all forms of gambling, with the exceptions of betting on horseracing and participating in the government-sponsored lottery.  

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