Thai police bust call center gang running online gambling sites

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Thai police bust call center gang running online gambling sites
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Members of a call center gang run by Chinese nationals have been arrested at a condominium in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area, with the police discovering that the culprits were also operating online gambling websites that were seeing a combined circulation of about 100 million baht per month.

10 suspects were arrested at a condominium in the Sukhumvit 39 area in Watthana district of Bangkok. Six of the suspects had Chinese arrest warrants issued against them.

The police seized several pieces of evidence, including laptops, cell phones, signal transmitters, equipment for online gambling site operation, expensive watches and cars.

The arrests were made after the Chinese embassy in Thailand requested that Thai law enforcement track down and extradite 17 members of a call center gang who were on the run from Chinese authorities.

During the arrest, officials found that the gambling websites and online financial transaction services operated by the group sourced money from China and transferred funds exclusively into Chinese accounts. The number of victims has been estimated in the hundreds and are all believed to be Chinese nationals. Officials have determined that two of the 17 wanted individuals have already fled Thailand, but said they will track down those who are still in the country.

The police revealed that the group was operating six online gambling sites generating over 100 million baht in monthly circulation. (NNT)