How Gambling Software Providers Support Responsible Gambling

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How Gambling Software Providers Support Responsible Gambling

Gambling issues affect many online casino players. Everyone involved, regulators, casino operators, game providers and the players have a role in responsible gambling.

How Gambling Software Providers Support Responsible Gifting By Following GamStop Program and Commission Requirements. UK G gambling commission has various measures and standards to ensure stakeholders do their bit in ensuring responsible gambling. Software providers with a licence from the commission are obliged to follow all requirements from UKGC.

Gambling software providers offer unique products and partner with thousands of online casinos. They need to track their partners and ensure their games are available on platforms dedicated to responsible gambling. The provider can restrict their products to credible operators with a legitimate gambling licence and responsible gaming policies.

Reality checks are how gambling software providers help players realize how much time and money they have lost while playing a specific game. Casinos can implement cookies and other settings to help track their gambling spending and duration.

Software providers use game speed limits to prolong the time between betting action and results. Providers like NetEnt ensure games take at least three seconds before the player can make another bet. Other providers guarantee that virtual RNG-based games can take longer to display results, which reduces the number of bets a player makes.

Enforcing play limits is another way casino software providers can support responsible gambling. Play limits give punters an option to block gambling activity on the game or series products from a specific software provider.

Gambling software providers display a visible clock to remind gamblers when to step away from the game. It's easier to gauge if the specific game is worth playing based on the wins and losses realized during a particular period.

Gambling software providers can take a stand against underage gambling by displaying a banner to warn players below 18 years from their games. Most providers restrict games to legal age players, which is 18 in the UK and several other countries. Casinos have a better framework involving ID verification and KYC procedures performed during signup and cashouts.

Vulnerable players need support from all parties involved, including game providers. Some measures are only effective if the casino implements them. Players should stick to reputable operators with valid UKGC licencialises. 24 days

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