How to get a valid gambling licence in the UK

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How to get a valid gambling licence in the UK
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Any gambling operator needs to have a licence to operate legally and be trustworthy. Each online casino has to obey specific and strict regulations regarding the operation of online casinos so that gamblers are protected.

Here are the terms online casinos have to comply with to be licensed, so you know how to choose a gambling website where you can bet safely.

What is a gambling licence?

A licence for an operating casino is a mandatory measure that proves the security of the platform which provides gambling products. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is the authorised regulatory body that issues such licences and is in charge of regular verifications in the UK.

The reason any online casino needs a valid gambling licence

In the United Kingdom, the online gambling industry is expanding at a fast pace, being one of the most extensive online gambling markets in the world. Thus, each online casino needs to meet certain requirements to establish its credibility so that punters know where they can play harmlessly and legally.

What terms should online casinos comply with?

Apart from assuring its users of protected transactions, online casinos need to offer child protection measures and anti-money-laundering regulations. Gambling platforms must combat any illegal activities conducted on their website so that their users have a great experience.

So, if you want to enter the UK’s online gambling market, you need to respect specific criteria to obtain a valid licence from the regulatory authority.

Requirements for a gambling licence in the UK

The procedure of getting a gambling licence for an online casino in the UK is very thorough. The application process implies submitting the form along with other documents depending on the type of entity applying for a licence.

The documents required for submitting an application

For example, some of the following documentation is necessary for a limited company:

  • A certificate of incorporation;
  • Articles of association;
  • A structure of management.

A brief summary of the licence’s conditions

Each operator needs to supply its users with:

  • A well-operating software;
  • Transparent and safe transactions;
  • Equitable Terms and Conditions;
  • Comprehensive gamblers’ rights and obligations.

If you’re interested in obtaining a valid licence, UKGC offers detailed information on how you can start the application process.

UKGC – the primary authority which handles UK gambling regulations

The UKGC is the authority that regulates all gambling activities, including the UK National Lottery. UKGC’s main aimand responsibility are to protect users against gambling platforms that do not offer fair gambling activities.

UKGC is the authority that issues gambling licences

Not only is the United Kingdom Gambling Commission the regulatory body which issues valid licences for online casinos, but according to the Gambling Act 2005 regulations, it also regularly investigates illegal activities and can apply sanctions to each operator that does not provide secure services. Also, it has to prosecute any illegal activities.

Sanctions applied to illegal UK online casinos

The casinos that conduct illegal gambling services or do not protect minors against underage gambling can have their licence suspended or revoked. Also, the UKGC can revisit licences and make recommendations for amendments. On top of these suggestions, it can remove or implement additional conditions.

Which types of gambling require a gambling licence in the UK?

Certain gambling activities do not require a licence issued by the UKGC. However, this authority is entitled to issue licences for all operators that want to conduct gambling activities.

According to the UKGC, these are the following types of gambling which require a licence:

  • Online and offline casinos;
  • Sports betting;
  • Software providers;
  • Lottery – even the UK National Lottery holds a UKGC-verified licence.

Tips on how to verify if a UK gambling platform is reliable

The online gambling market is overflowing with many platforms providing a wide range of games. However, it is essential to be aware of which platforms are trustworthy and the conditions they offer their users. Keep in mind that each gambling platform is different, so you should be informed of which websites offer fair conditions.

Check if the gambling platform is licenced

We recommend all punters verify if UKGC licences the platform they intend to use. There are many online casinos that, even though they are not based on the territory of the UK, still offer services for UK citizens.

Thus, when you access a gambling platform, you should verify at the bottom of the page if the gambling platform is UKGC-licensed. Each online casino licensed by the UKGC is safe to use as they have to meet strict rules to hold such a licence.

Know your rights and obligations

Another thing you should consider when you engage in any type of gambling activity is informing yourself of your rights and obligations. Gambling platforms should always be transparent about their terms and conditions and, also, what are the rights and obligations of their users.

Reasons you should pick only licenced operators

A licensed casino is the best option as you must protect your personal data like your banking account details. Also, using a reliable platform will guarantee you collect your winnings.

Gambling in the UK is strictly regulated

The UK gambling market is strictly regulated, but you need to know how to decide which platforms you should use or not. A licensed website is a great way to start as the UKGC is a reliable authority that strictly handles such activities.

As long as you choose secure platforms and know about your rights and obligations, you can engage in gambling activities as your profit is protected and comes from a genuine source.

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#LadyLuckGames Group secures B2B UKGC licence By securing this licence the company is now able to distribute both Lady Luck Games and ReelNRG content.

#LadyLuckGames Group secures B2B UKGC licence

By securing this licence the company is now able to distribute both Lady Luck Games and ReelNRG content.