Casinos in Las Vegas are hoping for this Grand Prix winner!
Casinos in Las Vegas are hoping for this Grand Prix winner!

Las Vegas wouldn't be Las Vegas if there was heavy betting on the course of the Grand Prix in the US city. In the run-up to the penultimate race in the 2023 World Championship, the local newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, took a visit to the major casinos to ask who they hope will win the race on Saturday night. The name of the dream winner was not very surprising: Max Verstappen.

"We’ll be rooting for Max Verstappen to win. He’s won 17 times already, and we’re hoping for his 18th,” Caesars Sportsbook assistant director of trading Adam Pullen said. “Whenever you have an odds-on favourite, the odds are that much more juicier on the other drivers. People look at the odds and want a bang for their buck. The casual money will be on long shots.”

Perez win by no means expected

For those who want to bet some dollars at one of the casinos on a win by Verstappen: you would be wise to take some time to consider where to put your money. Verstappen, who has won five races in a row and 15 of the past 16, is a -500 favourite to win the Grand Prix, with the best price at -250 at Caesars and William Hill.

Lando Norris is the second choice at Caesars, followed by seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton at 12-1, Charles Leclerc at 18-1 and Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez at 20-1.