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Best Online Casino VIP Programs

When it comes time to pick an online casino, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement about a big deposit match bonus or some shiny initial deposit refund offer, but long after you’ve wagered your way through those new player programs, an excellent online VIP program could still be adding back an additional 1% or even 2% percent to your bottom line.

Not paying more attention to the T&Cs of the rewards program of the online casino that you’re considering signing up with is a rookie mistake that we are here to help you avoid.

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Online Casino VIP Programs

There have been great rewards programs in casinos since Benny Binion left Texas for downtown Las Vegas’s Glitter Gulch back in the 50s. Free rooms, complimentary steak dinners, and all the whiskey you could drink have been the defining marketing tool of Las Vegas casinos ever since.

In the beginning, most of a gambler’s play was evaluated and comped by the floor men and pit bosses that roamed the table game areas, but over the years, the business of free stuff has itself become big business.

Now, whether you are betting on a $100 dice table at a land-based casino in Atlantic City or playing penny slots on your mobile phone in Punxsutawney, PA., the casino is keeping track of what you bet, how much, and for how long.

They are going to use that data to decide how much they can give you in the form of comps, free play, and other offers like airfare or limos in order to ensure you keep coming back.

Most of the online casino programs we will discuss use a tier-based system, which is to say, the more you gamble, the more you will be entitled to.

These are called loyalty clubs, not because they are showing their loyalty to you but because they are attempting to force you to spend more of your gaming dollar in one place.

This is accomplished by saying, look, don’t spread your money around with our competitors. The more you spend with us, the better we will take care of you. Your loyalty to us will be rewarded.

While online casinos have costs of their own, the truth is that without expensive slot machines, billion-dollar resort/casinos, and having to pay all those dealers, slot attendants, cage people, and an army of housekeeping folks, they have a LOT more money to spend on keeping you happy and loyal.

So, understanding these reward programs will help us keep more of our gambling dollar in OUR pocket, where it belongs.

Best November 2023 Online Casino VIP Program

The best Online casino VIP programs will have a reasonable earning rate so that we get back some of our wagers in comps and free play. It should be simple to understand and easy to use. And it should provide meaningful rewards regardless of our tier level so that there is always something for everyone.

1. BetRivers Casino

  • I can hear some muttering coming from the back, but let’s talk about the BetRivers iRush rewards program a bit. First, it is dead simple and easy to grasp. They line out what you are entitled to. They make sure you earn both loyalty level points and Bonus store points on every wager you make.

  • Yes, there are 11 tiers, which is probably a bit much, but they flat spell out how many LLPs (loyalty level points) you get for each dollar wagered on each game depending on that machine or table game’s Return To Player (RTP.) So you always know where and when you need to bet to make your tier goals.

  • LLPs are on a rolling calendar so that you can move up and down tiers quickly depending on your play, but if you have a down 30 days, it is super easy to get your tier level back up in the following 30 days.

  • You get good awards for the amount wagered. At tier 8, which requires 13,600 LLPs, you get BetRivers swag, free play and bonus offers, VIP event tickets, quicker withdrawals, and higher deposit limits.

2 Caesars Palace Online Casino

  • Caesars rewards feature a more manageable 6-tier system. One of the most loved things about Caesars online VIP program is the number of ways to earn. You don’t just earn for making wagers at their 18 online sportsbooks in various states or the five other states where they have online casino sites, nor from gambling at their more than 50+ land-based casinos.

  • You can also earn from their cobranded credit card, you can transfer points from hotel partners like Wyndham, you can earn points at restaurants in your neighborhood, and they have an online shopping portal where buying essentials can quickly add to your balance.

  • Their reward points follow the calendar year and allow twelve months to earn your status. The earn rate is reasonably straightforward, with one point for every $5 bet on slots, except for some machines with signs designating their earn rates. Table games, such as blackjack and baccarat earn at different rates, but you can find the rate by inquiring.

  • You can spend your Caesars rewards in countless ways, only some of which involve the casino. These include shopping from home, World Series of Poker entries, Caesars swag, and free play and bets at the sports book. You can get hotel rooms not only at Caesars four dozen casinos but also at any Wyndham. You can also attend concerts, experiences like meet-and-greets with rockstar and celebrity chefs, and countless sporting events.

  • Each tier also gains valuable perks like free valet parking and no resort fees. These alone can save a staggering amount of money if you frequent Las Vegas or Atlantic City. The best perks start at just 25k in rewards points, which earns you Caesar’s diamond status.

3 BetMGM

  • BetMGM has reduced its tier level to just five. Much like Caesar’s reward program, there are many ways to earn points, including a cobranded credit card. $5 in slot play earns a point, but table game earnings vary.

  • They also have a calendar year program. Their better benefits don’t kick in until Gold status, which is 75,000 points. This will waive parking and resort fees, entitle you to a room upgrade, and get you a $ 100-anniversary dinner and increased 20% bonus earnings on BetMGM points, along with good mail offers for rooms and dinner comps and free bets and bonus offers.

  • There are 20 land-based MGM properties, but many are in Las Vegas, though the Borgata in Atlantic City is a notable exception. Borgata has its own online casino site but still earns points toward BETMGM rewards, which can be confusing.

  • BetMGM’s noir card is invitation only and is the most coveted card in the entire VIP online casino industry. While they don’t tell you how many points you need, it’s close to 7 figures. It’s safe to say that the NOIR card unlocks an entire world of VIP rewards where the sky really is the limit. From free private jet travel to casinos, limos, suites, and backstage passes at impossible shows, the Noir card is a legend in the VIP/ Casino industry.

Types of Online Casino Rewards

There are many different forms that VIP reward programs can choose. The most common is the bonus, which may be dangled as free play if you play on a specific day or if you redeposit some amount to your account.

VIP offers can range from steak knives to Caribbean Cruises. These are often triggered if you meet the level of reward points in a week or month interval.

Exclusive challenges are often centered around a specific machine or, perhaps, machine type.

Event invitations can be great shows, concerts, pro sporting events, or even fishing charters. These are limited only by the ingenuity of your host, and the amount of comp back the casino has decided you are worth.

Online Casino Bonuses

Bonuses usually mean cash or free play. If we see an initial sign-up bonus, we can assume that this will be either a match of our initial deposit or a rebate of our initial deposit.

In either case, it will be made with free play. Other bonuses for redeposit or challenges or the like will likely be in free play, which, once gambled one or many times through, can then be withdrawn for cash.

This play-through, as it is called, is something that we must keep an eye on when picking and choosing a VIP program, as having to play a bonus one time through is altogether different than having to play it 75x through, which indicates that not all vip casino bonuses are the same. This why you must always read the terms and conditions and ask questions of your host.

Special VIP Offers

Special VIP offers can run the gamut from Caribean cruises to dinner at one of the casino’s high-end restaurants cooked by a celebrity chef. They could be concert tickets to a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden, or they could be box seats at Allegiant Field in Las Vegas to see your hometown team play.

Exclusive Challenges

Exclusive challenges are usually something like a new slot that the casino would like for you to try. They’ll offer a special bonus in reward points or a free weekend night at the property’s land-based hotels for completing some assignments, perhaps 500 spins on this machine or 8 hours of play on that table. Complete the challenge and pick up the bonus.

Event Invitations

Top-tier VIP players can expect to get concert tickets to nearby events at land-based casinos or even receive offers for some of the top Vegas productions like Cirque de Soliel’s “O ” and Residencies like U2 at the Stratosphere. In some cases, these can include backstage passes or other once-in-a-lifetime perks.

How Do I Earn Online Casino Rewards?

In some cases where you might already be a Caesar’s Seven Star or a BETMGM Noir, you might wish to reach out to your brick-and-mortar host before signing up to negotiate a better deal and make sure you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to from day one.

Highest Deposits or Withdrawals at VIP Online Casinos

One of the best perks that you can receive from your favorite VIP casino is higher deposit and withdrawal limits.

And, of course, higher deposit limits mean you can earn higher deposit bonuses and have more money available to wager to earn reward points, meet challenges, and play for high stakes.

It is possible to negotiate faster withdrawals as well, as part of a premium VIP casino package.

While the major VIP programs are going to be geared toward high-limit slot players and those who play high-stakes blackjack and roulette, other casino types and even other game types will also have the ability to earn VIP rewards.

Live Dealer Rewards

Live Dealer games like roulette have become increasingly popular with online gamblers, but due to their higher cost due to streaming, paying dealers and floor supervisors, and increased revenue sharing with partners, many live dealer games have a lower point earning ability or require higher play through on deposits to earn a bonus.

In some extreme cases, live dealer action may be excluded entirely from a VIP casino program. The beauty of being a VIP member is that many of these things are altogether negotiable, however.

Suppose you are a big American Roulette player on a game that has a 5.26% house advantage, which is higher than many slot games. In that case, you can negotiate a higher deposit bonus or a greater deposit limit despite what the Terms and Conditions might say.

Sweepstakes Rewards

Many tens of millions of Americans in states that don’t have real money online gambling yet have signed up for sweepstakes casinos.

They offer the best of both worlds in that you can play for free and practice playing many slots and table games, but through the use of their sweepstakes coins, you can win prizes, enter into contests for free cruises, or even convert your sweepstakes coins into gift cards or actual cash.

These sweepstakes casino sites will often offer all the benefits of a regular VIP casino program to its VIP members. You can find deposit bonuses, exclusive tournaments, special bonuses if you meet game challenges, and many other ongoing promotions.

You will be able to earn points and other high-roller rewards just like you would at any of the real money casinos, and these can be used for free, gift cards, or even cash.

Responsible Gambling at Online Casinos

Because the online casino experience can be accessed 24/7 from a mobile phone or a desktop, some people need help to walk away from playing with such easy access.

Many casinos now offer features such as time out where you can request that you not be allowed to wager for a specified time or that limit the amount that you can bet over a day or a week, and these types of programs are only becoming more prevalent as the industry does its part to stop problem gambling.

The best thing you can do if you or someone you know has a problem stopping is call 1-800-GAMBLER.

VIP Online Casino FAQs

Here, we cover all your burning questions about how these online casino VIP programs work and talk a bit more about the best online VIP casinos.

Certain casinos cater to VIPs, but there is a catch here. Many people, when they hear VIP, think of someone betting 25k a hand on blackjack that doesn’t need all the free things the casino is going to shower them with anyway.

And there is certainly a segment of the casino market that does cater to high-limit slots players or the folks betting big on casino games.

But there are also many loyalty schemes that go out of their way to make every member of their VIP program feel like a VIP player, ones that reward the loyal players who play daily but who are just regular players. These VIP casino programs will be aimed at folks who may not be high rollers but are dependably on the casino site, making wagers and playing games.

No matter what your level of play, you will need to seek out the online casino VIP program that best rewards your type of play.

The best online VIP casinos will sign you up for their basic loyalty programs when you enroll with the casino site, and depending on your play, your VIP status may rise over time.

Eventually, if you wager big when you play casino games or spend a lot of time on the high-limit slots, you may be assigned a personal VIP manager and receive other VIP perks that aren’t a part of the regular VIP program.

This is because many of the best VIP perks are invitation-only through your VIP host. As you accumulate more loyalty points, you may see high-roller bonuses and additional benefits.

It would be extremely rare for an online casino not to have a loyalty program of some kind. These VIP loyalty programs are hugely popular not only with casino customers but with the casinos themselves as a way to differentiate their brand and their exclusive promotions to their VIP players.

Certainly, not all VIP programs are created equal, however. VIP perks may include higher deposit and withdrawal limits, exclusive bonuses, a dedicated account manager, and more.

Top-tier high-roller rewards will include free airfare, tickets to exclusive events like hard-to-get concerts and shows, or even meet and greets with the actual performers backstage.

With the best VIP programs, the sky will be the limit as they attempt to outdo their competitors and get those whales (high rollers) to play at their online casino sites.

The most trusted online casino sites are those you have dealt with and found to have excellent customer service and quick deposits and withdrawals.

At this level, all of these online casino sites have been licensed, inspected, and had their finances and operations gone over with a fine-tooth comb from not just one State Gaming agency but half a dozen.

Any questions or concerns about fairness or bad business practices are dealt with by these same agencies that answer to state taxpayers.

They take that job very seriously, so there is no need to worry about these online casinos not doing what they say they will.

So you need to try a few of them and see which one makes you feel comfortable and rewards you for doing business with them.

Casino rewards do expire, and some of them expire quickly. A food comp, for instance, may need to be used within 24 hours, an offer of a free room for the weekend may only be for that particular weekend, and generally, free play once it has been issued is only good for a couple of days, so please pay attention and ask questions of your host or VIP club staff.