Common Perks Offered By Online Casino VIP Programs

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Common Perks Offered By Online Casino VIP Programs
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Online casinos exist to make profits. The only way they can consistently make profits is if they motivate online casino players to stay in action. How do they keep players in action? They offer them lots of extra wagering value in the form of bonuses and V.I.P. perks. 

As for online casino bonuses, the best online casino operators will typically put forth offers that cover everything from huge Welcome Bonuses to intermittent bonuses that feature matching deposits, free spins, or participation in casino tournaments. 

As for V.I.P. perks like free spins at Casino Brango, you are invited to keep reading. 

Not all online casinos will offer access to V.I.P. programs. For the ones that do, they use their V.I.P. programs to reward loyal customers who keep coming back for more online casino action. 

While each V.I.P. program is managed a little differently, certain things about them tend to be standard. For instance, each program typically awards points to its customers based on the $$$ amount of their daily/weekly/monthly casino play. Based on accumulated points, loyal players are then categorized into levels with each ascending level opening the door to more and better perks. Note: Loyalty levels generally range from 3 levels in some programs, up to maybe as many as a dozen levels in other programs.

As for perks, there are a lot of ways that online casino operators have come up with over the years to reward loyal players. In the sections below, the discussion will focus on a few of the perks that casino players seem to appreciate the most. 

In a world where money talks, the cashback reward is by far the most popular V.I.P. reward in the minds of online casino players. These players like the idea of playing slots and table games, knowing they are earning the right to get cash back in the future whether they end up with net winnings or net losses. That’s right. Cashback rewards are usually calculated based on each player’s gross casino wagers. 

As a side note, cashback rewards are paid at different percentages based on each player’s loyalty level. The percentages typically range from 5% on the low end to as high as 25% for high rollers. 

Online casino players have always shown a fondness for competing against one another for big prizes. While most online casino tournaments will focus on slots, a blackjack or roulette tournament might pop up on occasion. 

Given the popularity of casino tournaments, V.I.P. members appreciate getting the opportunity to play in such tournaments for big prizes without having to pay entry fees. 

Most online casinos will gladly post bonus promotions that are open to their entire customer base. What most people don’t know is many online casino operators will save their best promo offers for V.I.P. members. Even better, the promos tend to get sweeter at each loyalty level. Here is a list of exclusive promo types that might be offered from a V.I.P. program:

  • Lots of free spins 
  • Special deposit match bonus opportunities
  • Profit boosts on net winnings
  • Free entries into special sweepstakes drawings for huge prizes (cars & trips)

The one thing everyone has in common is a birthday, a very important day in the minds and hearts of most people. Since date of birth must be provided when registering with online casinos, operators know every customer’s birth date. That gives them a great reason to give out special birthday bonuses that might include something like free spins, free table play, or access to special birthday gift cards. 

Universally, online casino customers question the real need for deposit and withdrawal limits, especially withdrawal limits. They tend to feel uneasy about the fact they can hit a big jackpot but have to submit several withdrawal requests over weeks to get their winnings. 

Knowing this, online casino operators like to reward loyal customers with higher limits that will enable them to make fewer but bigger deposits and withdrawals. 

Folks who spend a lot of money usually do so with the expectation of getting special treatment. It happens at restaurants, nightclubs, and high-end clothing stores. It also happens for high rollers who bet a lot of money with their favorite online casino site.

Personal account managers are the best way that online casino operators can cater to their biggest gamblers. The goal is to make things easy for high rollers so they can focus on gambling. Personal account managers are expected to be available around the clock to answer questions and assist with possible issues. They also serve as whisperers for coming bonus attractions. 

If you are in the market for a new online casino, why not search for one with a strong V.I.P. program included.