Best Games to Play With Friends

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In recent years, the video game industry has been moving in one clear direction – the way of multiplayer. Even though single-player games can craft amazing narratives and deliver a satisfying gameplay experience, multiplayer games are now more popular than ever. So popular, that people can compete professionally in these games to win staggering sums of money – upwards of $219 million. It is hard to contend with the idea that multiplayer games are an inherently fun experience though as many gamers will be able to recall memorable experiences that were only possible due to the existence of online gaming.

Online gaming proved to be a haven for those affected by lockdowns, which was most people. The pandemic meant that people had to stay indoors to protect others, but this proved to be a fatiguing and lonely experience. Or it would have been for those people who did not have access to the internet and a video game console. Through these methods, gamers were able to maintain social interaction with friends and family while also playing games together, an activity that proved to be invaluable in a landscape where it was dangerous to even hug loved ones. Now that the pandemic is showing signs of ending, most people will be wanting to continue their online experience, and they may do so from some of the suggestions mentioned here.

Minecraft – This is an experience that players of all ages will enjoy as the concept of the game is simple. There is no real storyline and no real goal apart from what players create for themselves. It is an endless open-world sandbox that allows activities such as fighting monsters, farming, and building. The sheer creativity on offer here makes it a great choice to play with friends.

Grand Theft Auto V – Despite this game releasing in 2013, it has shown virtually zero sign of decline and it continues to be updated today. Although this is reserved for a more mature audience, veterans of the game will maintain how much enjoyment can be had from the chaos that ensues in the online mode. The game even lets friends play at a casino together, something that is desirable as many Americans cannot gamble at online casinos in the US due to legislation. The fact that a game can offer activities such as this is indicative of the freedom it offers and is another must play.

Fortnite – Out of the games mentioned, this one is likely to be the most recognised. It has taken gaming culture by storm in recent years and has managed to secure some impressive crossovers with brands like Disney, NFL, and DC. The game is of the battle royale genre which sees groups of players battle it out to be the number one squad in the lobby. This game will appeal to players who are competitive and so should be played with friends that are eager to test their skills against others.

Multiplayer games act as a great way to maintain relationships with friends and to also build connections with new people and playing any one of these games will lead to hours of enjoyment.