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Online casinos are now everywhere since the rise of the Internet! Just like service companies, gambling houses are not immune to this trend. Whereas before you had to physically go to casinos to play, the situation has now changed radically. The casino resort era is over… The home computing boom in 2000 had already marked the beginning of the very first online casinos in the UK (source: OCT). That’s right, the first virtual casinos were created in Canada back in 1994. But it was with the launch of

Apple’s iPhone in 2007 that virtual casinos experienced their greatest breakthroughs on the net. As surprising as it may seem, you can play at the casino… with a mobile phone!

Casino platform technologies and performance

Online casinos reproduce a gambling room environment with hundreds of games in their catalogues. To do that, web casinos use game providers. These providers are responsible for making realistic games, which they link to affiliated online casinos via secure gateways. Just check out the most popular online casino and you’ll see some of the biggest names in the gambling provider industry. Microgaming and Evolution Gaming seem to be the leading providers on online casinos. Other providers such as Playtech and Net Entertainment are also visible, but to a lesser extent.

Welcome bonuses – A successful business strategy

All online casinos offer welcome bonuses! As a kind of gift to casino customers, casino platform operators have found nothing better than welcome bonuses. You’ve got to admit they are very attractive incentives! Getting free money seems unreal, doesn’t it? Yes and no, but by reading the general conditions of online casinos (you should always read them), you can see that it is difficult (if not impossible) to really enjoy them. Indeed, online casinos with free welcome bonuses require that you bet 40 to 200 times the free money received before you can cash in a single dollar. Knowing this, you shouldn’t think you can win money with casino bonuses! Except of course with a lot of luck.

Free test and practise games

Here’s a deal that should appeal to gamers. Online casinos allow you to play for fun risk-free. Even if you have to register at the online casino to play free games, it’s worth it. To remain attractive, online casinos make their game catalogues available to players free of charge. You can, therefore, play certain games without having to spend a single cent. To do that, the casino platform produces fake money to bet. These game options are ideal for learning to play or just having fun.

Legal age and the fight against pathological gambling addiction

Like in physical casinos, online casinos comply with the same rules such as the security standards imposed by the national gambling commissions. You must be an adult to register at an online casino. Customer support makes sure of it since you must provide a copy of your passport and proof of residence. Registering a credit (or debit) card, or a bank account also prevents minors from accessing the casino. On top of that, online casinos must adhere to a gambling addiction treatment program to be legitimate.

The UK gambling industry offers many forms of gambling to the public including casino slot games, sports betting, bingo and poker. All these are available on the high street and online from web operators who hold the necessary licences issued by the UK Gambling Commission and local authorities. You are advised to check on an operator’s website which of its products is licensed and by whom, and whether you are satisfied from a review of the regulator’s site that you will be adequately protected if you play.

Online casinos – A successful high-tech industry

Even though online casinos were not considered as a reliable industry in the early 2000s, the situation has now changed. These gambling platforms are considered by many governments as a good way to regulate and tax all gambling activities on the Internet. Similar to e-commerce sites, online casinos create jobs and income in many countries. In North America, the UK and Europe alone, the online casino industry, which is regulated and verified, represents mind-blowing figures. The turnover of these casino platforms reaches tens of billions of dollars per year, as well as mass job creation. Clearly, the casino industry has been completely transformed with the digitalization of the online gambling world. In short, the casino landscape is no longer the same today as it was just two decades ago.

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