After five months, a local group wins the Catch the Ace jackpot

After five months, a local group wins the Catch the Ace jackpot

We have a major winner for the Townsend Smith Hospice Foundation (TSHF) Catch the Ace raffle!

For the past five months, the charity organization has been running a weekly Catch the Ace progressive raffle. Each week, a winner is given a card from a deck. They automatically win the weekly pot, but could win the jackpot if they pull the elusive ace of spades, like we just saw. Here’s a rundown of how the raffle works:

  • Participants purchase tickets which correspond with a numbered envelope.
  • Each envelope holds a card from a standard deck of playing cards.
  • Each week a name will be pulled from the draw, the name drawn is the weekly winner, who wins 20% of the ticket sales that week!
  • They will also be invited to reveal what playing card is inside their envelope.
  • If it is the Ace of Spades, they will also win an additional 30% of the total ticket sales (the jackpot)!
  • If that card is not the Ace of Spades, that card will be removed from play and that 30% of the ticket sales gets rolled over into the next week.
  • This process repeats until the Ace of Spades is found!
  • The remaining 50% of the overall ticket sales goes to the TSHF.

Executive Director of the TSHF Theresa Greer says the big winner is a group of longtime supporters.

It’s unknown how many members are in the group, but they will split $4868. Greer says a few members are in Cuba for vacation, so they will likely collect the earnings in a few days.

Greer adds that it’s wonderful to see the Foundation continue to have so many avid and consistent supporters.

TSHF feels the community would be better served by having palliative and respite care available in either Milton or Halton Hills.

The organization has finalized a deal for their location. The deal would place the hospice on the same land as Hillcrest United Church in Georgetown, just across from Pineview Elementary School on Trafalgar Road.

Greer is thankful for the success of this year’s raffle. She also thanks Mayor of Halton Hills Rick Bonnette for his kind words in the Georgetown Independent newspaper recently. She says support by figures like Mayor Bonnette help build and grow the organization as a whole.

This was the third go around for the Catch the Ace draw for Townsend Smith. Last year’s draw was won by a group known as the She-Beasts who workout out of Milton’s FirePower CrossFit gym. They won a collective $27,941. You can read about their win here.

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