Accused Las Vegas Strip casino robber on probation for prior heist returned to watch police

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The man accused of robbing the casino at Resorts World on the Las Vegas Strip earlier this month, who was on probation for a prior casino robbery, threatened to kill a cashier before leaving the property in a taxi and then returning to watch investigators gather evidence, police said.

Last week, Las Vegas Metro police arrested Zubaid Al Jarmi, 25, on charges of robbery with a deadly weapon and burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon in connection with the Resorts World cage robbery on Nov. 9, records showed.

The 8 News Now Investigators first reported the robbery two weeks ago.

Al Jarmi faces a third charge of violating his probation for a casino robbery at the Venetian Las Vegas in 2020. In that case, Al Jarmi parked in the hotel’s garage, concealing his face with a scarf and sunglasses, documents the 8 News Now Investigators reviewed Thursday said. Al Jarmi then walked to the casino, and slipped a cage cashier a note.

The note said, “Be quite [sic], we know where you live, don’t use the police alarm, wait 15 minutes, we are watching you, no dye pack, no traced money – now $15,000 cash.”

Al Jarmi, who was wearing a dirty-blonde wig, entered the Resorts World casino around 2 a.m., lingered near the cage area and then showed the cashier a note, which said, “Fill the bag or I will shoot you,” investigators wrote in his arrest report.

“While this was going on, the suspect verbally threatened [the cashier] by stating that he was going to shoot [the cashier] if he did not hurry up and give him the money,” police said.

The cashier placed about $6,000 in cash in a bag. Al Jarmi then ran off, leaving the property in a taxi cab.

The cab driver dropped Al Jarmi off near Rochelle Avenue and Decatur Boulevard, police said. The suspect then entered a nearby apartment complex.

About an hour later at 3 a.m., Al Jarmi returned to Resorts World in his own car and was “loitering around the area that the robbery had occurred watching police,” investigators said. Al Jarmi then left the property as more police arrived.

At this point in their investigation, police suspected Al Jarmi was the same man who had robbed The Venetian Las Vegas in January 2020. Police compared surveillance video from the two robberies, noting the suspect had “the same distinct stride.”

Investigators also compared the two notes from the robberies, saying the suspect had unique handwriting and the same style was on a work card application Al Jarmi filed out in 2021, they said.

Police later surveilled Al Jarmi near the apartment complex where the cab driver had dropped him off, they said. Officers took him into custody at a home in the southwest valley on Nov. 16.

Inside the home, police said they found the wig they suspect Al Jarmi was wearing during the robbery.

A judge issued him a suspended 3-year prison sentence in the Venetian case, meaning he was free until his arrest last Wednesday.

Last week, Judge Elana Lee Graham ordered Al Jarmi to be held without bail.