A New Type of Casino Coming to Las Vegas

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A New Type of Casino Coming to Las Vegas
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The biggest players in Las Vegas go broad intentionally to lure tourists, businesspeople, and locals to their megaresorts. They offer specific experiences designed for narrow audiences. Now, a smaller casino operator has plans to go after a much more specific audience. Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts International and Wynn Resort offer reports.

A Las Vegas casino operator and a Dallas sports bar are teaming up to develop a new casino for the Latino community. The Lucky Club Hotel & Casino will be rebranded and feature the largest Ojos Locos Sports Cantina restaurant in the country. The United States has over 60 million Latino residents. They make up 18.4% of the population.

The new property will be a 10,000-square-foot casino, 10-thousand- square-feet of indoor-outdoor entertainment space, and a restaurant that will accommodate nearly 300 people. Ojos Locos has 18 restaurants in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and sports bars with high-definition televisions broadcasting Spanish-language sports shows. The Latin Chamber of Commerce supports the venture as long as it's done respectfully.