2019 Death After Las Vegas Arrest Pulls Floyd Family, Lawyer Las Vegas Clark County California Police Nevada

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2019 Death After Las Vegas Arrest Pulls Floyd Family, Lawyer Las Vegas Clark County California Police Nevada
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George Floyd’s family and his lawyer said Thursday that they supported the federal government’s excessive power, tort and civil rights proceedings filed this week. Nevada By a relative of a black man who later died in handcuffs Las Vegas Police chased him by bicycle and on foot in 2019.

“The life of Byron Lee Williams was important,” the Williams family said in a 44-page legal document last year in US cities, including Las Vegas, after Floyd’s police killing in Minneapolis and Breona Taylor’s death. Repeated chanting during the protest and violence. In Louisville, Kentucky.

Ben Crump, a lawyer who now represents Williams’ family, also represents Taylor’s family and has been the voice of relatives of Michael Brown near Trayvon Martin and St. Louis in Florida.

At a press conference at a casino in Las Vegas, Williams’ family remembered him and wept. Lawyer Antonio Romanucci accused police of turning off his camera for 10 minutes because he “reached an agreement on what the story should be,” and Crump was able to breathe Williams at the age of 24. I counted the number of times I said I didn’t.

“This is an important event here in Nevada,” Crump said, exemplifying the “urgent need for police reform” in the United States.

“We want to expose this injustice to the world … to overcome this pattern and practice of police use of excessive force and implicit prejudice as we saw in Minnesota,” Crump said. Told. George Floyd There is no consideration, professionalism, or humanity. They did the same for Byron Williams. “

Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, and nephew Brandon Williams He expressed his support for the Williams family and called on Congress to pass a National Police Reform Bill named after George Floyd.

“The situation is very similar in many ways,” said Brandon Williams. “Byron Williams said he couldn’t breathe 24 times. George said he couldn’t breathe nearly 30 times.”

“The dead can’t speak up, so it’s up to us,” said Philonise Floyd.

Williams died on September 5, 2019, almost nine months before George Floyd.

According to the results of a police investigation and a clip of a policeman’s body camera footage publicly shown during the airing of non-judicial evidence in the October case last year, the policeman fixed him head-on to the ground and handcuffed him. I called. The image shows an officer kneeling on Williams’ back.

“It can’t be helped to come for you. The proceedings are different from what an unidentified police officer said in a recording and accusing Williams of” confinement “or forging a medical illness to avoid going to jail. Citing a police officer.

Crump pointed out that there was no bystander video, but he, Romanucci and his legal team hope to uncover new evidence when police officers and others are asked to testify under an oath. He said he was doing it.

The proceedings began almost a year after Las Vegas police agreed to a record $ 2.2 million out-of-court settlement with the family of Tashii Brown, a black man who was beaten, beaten by a stun gun and detained. Will be. By police officers outside the Las Vegas casino in 2017.

The police officer in that case was dismissed and charged with manslaughter, but the grand jury refused to prosecute him.

The Williams case was filed Wednesday in the US District Court in Las Vegas on behalf of his niece Marshawells in Las Vegas and Navy veteran Tina Ackley, who lives near San Diego.

“We have been and continue to seek transparency,” Acree told reporters. “We kept asking the police for unedited videos … and we didn’t receive all of them.”

“I have served my country for over 20 years. This is not what I expect,” she said.

Police reported that paramedics were summoned, but Williams was unconscious before arriving. He was sentenced to die in the hospital about an hour later.

A coroner in Clark County ruled Williams’ death as a murder and called police “prone detention” an important factor. Coroners also discovered methamphetamine in Williams’ system, and found that he had high blood pressure and heart and lung disease.

Officer Larry Hudfield refused to comment on the proceedings Thursday, citing the department’s policy in the proceedings.

police Williams has a history of criminal arrests and felony convictions in California and Nevada, and in Las Vegas when patrol officers discovered he was riding a bicycle shortly before dawn on September 5, 2019. His bicycle did not have the necessary lighting, police said he had been under house arrest for a pending felony drug and counterfeit case. When he died, he wore an ankle bracelet tracking device.

Williams pedaled before abandoning his bike and chased two cops, Patrick Campbell and Benjamin Basquez, over the wall into the courtyard of the apartment.

Steve Wolfson, a lawyer in the Clark County district, refused to prosecute the police officers involved in the pursuit and arrest of Williams, saying “there is no evidence of the police officer’s intention to kill him.”

The ministry said last year that executives had returned to work.

Wolfson did not immediately respond to a message on Thursday about the proceedings and Crump’s criticism of the decision not to prosecute.

Crump also said he would ask the US Department of Justice and Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford to investigate Las Vegas police policies, practices and actions in Williams’ death.

2019 Death After Las Vegas Arrest Pulls Floyd Family, Lawyer Las Vegas Clark County California Police Nevada

2019 Death After Las Vegas Arrest Pulls Floyd Family, Lawyer Las Vegas Clark County California Police Nevada