Bail set for Metro officer accused of robbery at Las Vegas casino

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Caleb Rogers

The Metro Police officer accused of trying to steal nearly $80,000 and threatening to shoot employees at the sportsbook of a Las Vegas resort appeared in court today where a judge upheld a previous bond ruling.

Appearing before Justice of the Peace Harmony Letizia, Caleb Rogers, 33, waived the reading of the criminal complaint at Las Vegas Justice Court. Letizia set bail at $250,000 and ordered Rogers be placed on high-level electronic monitoring should he post bail.

Rogers faces counts of assault with use of a deadly weapon, burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon, two counts of robbery with use of a deadly weapon and attempted robbery, according to jail records. He remains at the Clark County Detention Center.

Police say Rogers approached employees working behind the counter at the Rio sportsbook just before 7 a.m. Sunday, according to a Metro Police arrest report. Rogers went behind the counter and yelled to employees who were placing money in the cash drawer to “get away from the money. I’ve got a gun; I’ll shoot you!”

Rogers proceeded to grab an employee by the shoulders with both hands and shoved her backwards, causing her to fall to the ground. He then began grabbing money from the cash drawer and placed it into a bag he had inside his jacket, according to the arrest report.

While on the ground, the employee pulled a robbery alarm to alert security. Caleb noticed the employee pulling the alarm and jumped over the counter and began running away through the casino with approximately $78,632, police said.

Rio security was alerted and property security officers began chasing Rogers as he ran outside the west doors, according to the arrest report. One officer tackled Rogers in the driveway as he was running into the parking garage, prompting Rogers to reach into his waistband and pull out a silver revolver.

Rogers put his hand on the trigger of his gun and told the security officer “are you willing to be shot over this? I’m going to shoot you! Go ahead and shoot me now!” according to the arrest report.

But other officers pinned Rogers to the ground, allowing them to rip the gun from Rogers’ hand, police said. Security had taken Rogers into custody by the time Metro arrived.

Rogers was carrying a back with $78,898 in cash, which was released back to the Rio Sportsbook, according to the arrest report. Rogers is scheduled to appear in court March 16 for a preliminary hearing. His attorney, Oliver Melgar, declined to comment about the case.

Rogers has been employed by Metro since 2015 and is assigned to the Bolden Area Command’s community policing division.

He was suspended without pay pending the outcome of criminal and internal investigations, police said following his arrest.