2 men arrested after alleged illegal casino

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2 men arrested after alleged illegal casino
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Two men and multiple arcades in Charlotte County are locked up after Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office said they discovered illegal gambling happening at slot machines in two arcades in Port Charlotte.

Karen Wumkes lives in the area and frequently goes to arcades with her husband and mother, she wanted to celebrate her birthday at one of the arcades but couldn’t find an open one in the county.

“He has a favorite machine picked out, and I have a favorite. We just go in there for an hour or so and have fun and then go for lunch. So, it’s kind of sad, especially on my birthday.. sad,” Wumkes said. “Been to two so far gone. closed”

According to the sheriff’s office, on Monday, the Narcotics Unit discovered the illegal gambling at the Showtime Casino at Tamiami Trail after receiving numerous tips and complaints regarding this location in relation to illegal gambling on slot machines.

29-year-old Mevin Rodriguez and 31-year-old Amey Naik were arrested after their arrest report states undercover detectives went to the Casino on Tamiami Trail Monday, and after being let inside, employees locked the doors behind them and every other customer, and continuously watched their surveillance cameras.

The report goes on to say detectives sat in front of a gambling machine that was not a game of skill but a game of chance and luck, and put in $40 and cashed out to receive $23.

As of July 1, 2022 slot machines or anything resembling them became illegal in Florida except for 15 approved casinos, mostly under tribal control.

On July 1st, the Florida statue for keeping a gambling house and working inside of them will change from being a misdemeanor to a third degree felony.

The sheriff’s office said the clerk working inside the casino was issued a Notice To Appear for an employee of a gambling house.

Within minutes of this interaction, the other casinos in town began telling customers to leave and hurriedly closed their doors.

Both men were arrested on charges as agents or employees of a gambling house.

Business owners near Arcade Headquarters said the business has been shut down 3 times in the past, they also said they’ve come into work in the morning to find trash and people sleeping inside their cars outside of their business, as a result of the arcade.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s office said there are several investigations open at arcades in the county but couldn’t say how many.