Win Free Stake Cash Every Week via Casino Challenges

Win Free Stake Cash Every Week via Casino Challenges
Super Slots is one of the best sweepstakes casinos out there for many reasons, but their generosity towards players is near the top of that list. There are many ways you can get your hands on some extra Stake Cash that you can use to redeem real-money prizes, including weekly Challenges.

If you enjoy playing games on the site as is, joining these Challenges is a no-brainer, as it costs you nothing extra and gives you a chance to share in on a generous prize pool.

So, if you would like to boost your Stake Cash balance while also having fun, keep on reading and learn how you can do exactly this — every single week. And if you don’t yet have an account, check out our full casino review or click our button below to get 25 Stake Cash as a free signup bonus.

Weekly RNG Promotion

Every week, Casino selects a random game to be featured in their weekly RNG Promotion. After the game is selected, a random target multiplier is picked, and that becomes your goal for the week.

For example, if the target multiplier for the week is 300x, you will need to achieve a win over 300 times your stake to qualify. You will need to wager at least 0.10 SC per spin on the select game until you beat the target, and you only need to do it once during any given week.

Everyone who qualifies gets to share in on a 10,000 SC weekly prize pool, and it is shared equally among all qualifying players. It does not matter if your average stake is 0.10 SC or 20 SC. This makes the RNG Promotion a great value for all casual players as it can give you a really nice boost.

The promotion resets every Tuesday when a new game and new target multiplier are set, so you can start all over again regardless of last week’s results.

  • Weekly promo resetting every Tuesday
  • Goal: Beat the target win multiplier
  • Prize pool: 10,000 SC shared by all qualifying players
  • Minimum stake: 0.10 SC

Originals Challenge

The Originals Challenge at Sweepstakes Casino is similar to the RNG Promotion. However, the only games participating in this one are Stake Originals, i.e., the titles unique to the site that you cannot play anywhere else.

A new game from the pool of Stake Originals is selected every week on Wednesday, together with the target multiplier that you need to beat. The minimum stake to qualify for this one is SC 0.05, but the prize pool is smaller as well, at 5000 SC.

  • Weekly promo resetting every Wednesday
  • Goal: Beat the target win multiplier on the select Stake Originals title
  • Prize pool: 5000 SC shared by all qualifying players
  • Minimum stake: 0.05 SC

The good news is that you can take part in both promotions, and qualifying is not hard. If you want to be careful, you can also get involved only when target multipliers are lower and easier to achieve.

Either way, if you enjoy playing at Casino, you should be aware of these promotions and try your hand at them. Trying to beat the target is fun on its own, and the prizes for doing so can be quite handsome. Plus, it gives you a reason to try some different games and potentially find a new favorite title, so what’s not to like?