Exclusive Referral Code For Free Sweeps Cash

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Exclusive Referral Code For Free Sweeps Cash

In this article, you can find out exactly how to get free coins at Stake.us. Like most sweepstakes casinos, this one works with two virtual currencies – Gold Coins and Stake Cash (Sweeps Coins). 

First and foremost, you can get some bonus Stake.us Gold Coins and Stake Cash through the 5% rakeback bonus. In order to claim the offer, you will need to enter this exclusive promo code into the box provided: MIKBONUS

Pros for Stake.us

  • Exclusive 5% rakeback bonus with promo code: MIKBONUS
  • Free Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins on signup
  • Free sweeps promotions with GC purchases
  • Opportunity to win real prizes with sweepstakes

Free Stake.us Sweeps Coins and Promo Code

If you register your new Stake.us account using the exclusive promo code: MIKBONUS, you can get free Gold Coins (GC) and Stake Cash (SC) in the form of a 5% rakeback bonus. How this works is that you get 5% of the house edge back for every game that you play, with both standard and promotional games being eligible. For example, if the RTP of the game that you are playing is 95%, you will get 5% of that 5% back for every bet that you place on that game. 

Whether you’re playing with GC or SC, this bonus will quietly build up in the background over a period of seven days. At the end of the week, your GC and SC will be paid directly into your balance. Effectively, this is a unique offer that provides you with the opportunity to win passively in the background as you play. 

Free Spins and Stake.us Gold Coins

Another way to boost your coins balance when playing at Stake.us is with free spins. Although you can’t find a free spins bonus in the same way that you would on a conventional casino site, there are still free spins bonus features within many of the slots.

Stake.us No Deposit Gold Coins code for new customers

In addition to the 5% rakeback bonus you can claim the promo code MIKBONUS, there is also a welcome offer for all new customers at Stake.us – and you don’t need a promo code for this one. 

As soon as you register and open your account, you should automatically find that 10,000 Stake.us Gold Coins are waiting in your account balance. This means that you can start playing any of the Standard Play games completely free straight away.

Additionally, you also get one unit of Stake Cash with your welcome bonus. This is Stake.us’s name for its Sweeps Coins that can be used on Promotional Play games. Once you have enough in your balance and become eligible, you can use Stake Cash to redeem real prizes.

Stake.us promotions for existing customers

On top of the two new customer bonuses explained above, there are multiple promotions for existing customers. These can be used to gain more free Gold Coins and Stake Cash. 

The first thing that you can do is top up your GC balance once every 24 hours with the daily reload bonus, which also comes with free SC for eligible players. To claim this offer, simply log into your account every day – you don’t even have to play. 

On top of that, you have a weekly reload bonus that is calculated based on your playing activity – a bit like the 5% rakeback bonus. You should also always check what promotions and tournaments are available by clicking on the present icon on the left-hand side of your screen. 

Here, you will find promotions, contests and giveaways including the following: 

  • Daily races
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Original and social casino challenges

Get More Stake.us Sweeps Coins

You cannot purchase Sweeps Coins, they can only be collected for free and then won when playing promotional games. As with many other sweepstakes casinos, there are plenty of ways you can claim free SC at Stake.us. 

As well as the daily reload bonus and other promotions mentioned above, you can also collect free sweeps through the following three channels: 

1. Promotional Gold Coins purchases

2. Social media promotions and giveaways

3. Postal requests

How to claim the Free Stake.us Gold Coins promo code

If you want to claim the welcome bonus, first of all, you need to ensure you have this promo code to hand: MIKBONUS. Now that you do, you can claim that exclusive 5% rakeback welcome bonus by taking the following action: 

  1. Sign-up to Stake.us

When you land on the website, click on the blue “Register” button on the top of your screen. In the window that pops up, you can either enter your details or click on one of the three buttons at the bottom of the window to sign up via Facebook, Google or Twitch. If you are using an iOS device, you should also have the option to register with your Apple account as well. 

  1. Enter the promo code

In the popup window, you should see two checkboxes above the large green “Play Now” button. Click to check the box with “Code (Optional)” written next to it. This will make a box appear where you can type in the promo code: MIKBONUS. Once that’s done, you can check the T&Cs box and click on the green “Play Now” button to proceed. 

  1. Start playing and winning

Once your account has been opened and verified, you should receive your 10,000 GC and 1 SC in your account. You can then start playing free-to-play games in standard mode straight away. Every GC wager that you place will count towards your 5% rakeback bonus. If you want to play promotional games, you may need to purchase GC to get more Stake Cash. 

  1. Log in daily

As said previously, you can top up your Gold Coins and Stake Cash balance just by logging into your account every day. It’s worth doing this even on days you aren’t planning to play as it can boost your 5% rakeback bonus at the end of the week. 

  1. Get your rakeback

After seven days of playing slots and other casino-style games at Stake.us, you will receive any GC and SC that you are owed directly into your account balance. You can then rinse and repeat steps three and four for the weekly reload.

Is Stake.us legal in the US?

Stake.us is a sweepstakes casino and is not classified as a real money gambling site. As a result, it is available for players aged 21 and older in the majority of US states. Only players in Washington, New York, Nevada, Kentucky and Idaho cannot access the Stake.us platform.

Does Stake.us pay real money?

If you play slots, Stake Originals and other casino-style games using Stake Cash at Stake.us, you may become eligible to redeem real prizes. In order to be able to redeem real world prizes, you need to have won at least some of your Stake Cash balance on promotional games. Furthermore, you need to play through any coins in your balance at least three times. 

Once you have, you can redeem prizes, with the payout rate being $1 USD for every 1 Stake Cash that you have. As it is a sweepstakes casino, Stake.us does not directly pay out real money from any of its games. Nor can you make a real cash deposit as a player. 

You can redeem prizes at Stake in one of the following forms: 

  • Crypto
  • Gift cards
  • Merch

How to win money on Stake.us

As explained above, you cannot technically win real money directly when playing at Stake.us. Instead, you need to wager and win more Stake Cash, which you can then use to redeem prizes. If you opt to receive your prizes as a gift card, they will be emailed to you directly. Similarly, merch prizes will be sent to your home address. 

Most players prefer to redeem their prizes as crypto. To do so, you need to complete these steps: 

 1. Log in to your account

 2. Click on the “Wallet” button

 3. Click on the “Redeem” button

 4. Enter the code received through email or 2FA (if you have it set up)

 5. Select your preferred cryptocurrency from the list

 6. Insert your crypto wallet address

 7. Enter the amount that you wish to redeem

 8. Receive your prize payment

Stake.us payment methods

You cannot purchase Sweeps Coins at any point when playing at Stake.us – you can only collect them for free through all of the promotions mentioned in this article. The best way to get a free sweeps bonus in decent numbers is to purchase a promotional pack of Gold Coins. Not all Gold Coins packs come with an SC bonus, so make sure to buy the right one.

You can make purchases in one of the following eight cryptocurrencies: 

  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoincash
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • Tether
  • Tron

Payments should be processed quickly most of the time. However, as is the case with all cryptocurrency payments, the transaction does need to be approved by the blockchain, which can take time during busy periods. The daily limit for purchasing Gold Coins packages is $2,000.

The pay table below shows the Gold Coins bundles that you can buy and the Stake Cash bonus that comes with them:

Games at Stake.us

There are two different ways to play games at Stake.us. In Standard Play, you can access all slots and other casino-style games and play them for the purposes of entertainment only. In Promotional Play, you can play with Stake Cash for the chance to redeem prizes. 

There are over 300 games on the platform, most of which are slots, though you also have table games, live dealers and more. These games have largely been provided by the following third-party software developers: 

  • Hacksaw Gaming
  • Pragmatic Play

Additionally, there are also 18 Stake Originals, which are games that have been developed by the company. These games are built using provable fairness technology, which means that you can verify the fairness before playing each round. Additionally, the player also has an element of control over the outcome. Stake Originals are not totally randomized, unlike slots. 

Does Stake.us have an app?

There isn’t a Stake.us app available in any app stores. What you have instead is a mobile-optimized website, which is more than suitable for cell phone and tablet players. All of the games load and perform exactly the same as they do on the desktop version. Moreover, the layout has been optimized and condensed properly for the small screen. 

Stake.us customer support

The main way to reach the Stake.us customer support team is through a live chat service which can be found by opening the headphones icon. Rather than being a conventional live chat, you have a home screen and an inbox where you can send and receive messages to customer support. In the same widget, you can also search for your issue in the help center and find news updates from the world of Stake and sweepstakes casinos. 

You can also get in touch with the customer care team via the support email address. Finally, they can also be reached via the official Stake.us social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram.

Website design

The Stake.us website has a dark gray-blue background with small fonts that allows a lot to be displayed on your screen at the same time. Though different from your average sweepstakes casino site, the platform is still very easy to navigate and you can register to start playing games in seconds. 

From your account, all areas are simple to locate, from account balance to your wallet and prizes. Overall, the design is minimalist but has proven to be an innovative step in the right direction with many users.

Who owns Stake.us?

Stake.us is owned by Sweepstakes Limited, which is based out of Limassol, Cyprus. Its US address can be found in Dallas, Texas. 

How to delete Stake.us account

You can delete your account at any time by emailing customer support and requesting to do so in writing. Just be aware that by closing your account, you will forfeit any remaining Gold Coins, Stake Cash and unclaimed prizes. 

Conclusion – Get your Stake.us Sweeps Coins bonus

To summarize, there are plenty of ways to get free Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins at Stake.us. First and foremost, remember to enter the promo code: MIKBONUS to claim your 5% rakeback bonus. Then once your account is open you should have the free welcome bonus waiting for you. From there, log in each to claim your daily reload bonus and remember to look at all other promotions.

Stake.us Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins FAQ

1. Are Stake Gold Coins worth anything?

Stake Gold Coins exist for the purposes of entertainment only and have no value in the real world. This means that they cannot be withdrawn or used to redeem prizes of any sort. If you want to win real prizes, you need to play with Stake Cash. 

2. How do I get free sweeps at Stake.us?

You can get free Sweeps Coins at Stake.us by claiming the exclusive 5% rakeback bonus using this promo code: MIKBONUS. Additionally, you can also claim free sweeps through the daily reload bonus, by purchasing specially-marked packages of Gold Coins and through other promos and giveaways.

3. How is Stake.us legal?

Stake.us is legal and accessible for users in 45 US states, with the exceptions being Washington, Nevada, New York, Kentucky and Idaho. The reason being that it is a sweepstakes casino and not a real money gambling operator.

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